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Vitality26 is a skin care manufacturer looking to put an end to the lack of product potency and freshness that consumers have been forced to deal with for way too long.

Supported by our flagship Blend product combined with a proprietary customization platform, Vitality26 lets users purchase potent skin treatments that work, and enables them to select the ingredients that resonate and work best for them.

They’re then shipped out for DIY mixing - avoiding warehouse storage and providing a level of quality and performance that consumers simply can’t get elsewhere.

Skin treatments continue to produce poor results globally, largely due to a widespread low product effectiveness standard.

The reason why?  Most cosmetic creams used today are stored in warehouses for up to a year prior to shipping - robbing their active ingredients of freshness & potency.

A study completed by researchers at MIT confirms this loss of potency over time, and reinforces the need for a better solution.

At the same time, a sizeable opportunity also exists in customizable skin care. 74% of consumers expect brands to personalize online experiences to their specific needs. This trend has been affecting industries such as apparel, electronics, medicine etc..

Personalization is particularly needed in skincare, it’s not a “nice to have”—it’s the inevitable next stage for consumers and brands.

Study: Cosmetic creams potency and storage time


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It’s time for consumers to stop settling - and to start receiving full benefit from their products by doing skin care on their own terms.  Introducing Vitality26: a beauty innovator at the intersection of potency and innovation.

We understand that the next phase of disruption in this market is a combination of freshness, allowing consumers to experience the full potency of the products they buy; and product customization options based on the consumer’s needs.  We are the very first to market with a solution to accomplish both.

With our platform customers can also personalize the active ingredients in their creams - leaving behind what’s not needed while creating a perfect formulation that suits personal tastes & desired benefits.

So in addition to not having to settle for what’s currently on the shelves, Vitality26 users can also rest assured that they’re getting the most from their skin care products.

Our tailor-made skin care solution is offered under the Blend product line, which is currently our primary product line.  Formulations are shipped to customers in “Blend Kits”, which include a natural cream base, active ingredients, and spoon.

Here’s a glimpse into the Blend customer experience, which takes on one of two forms of interaction.

Users can purchase pre-configured Blend kits, which provide pre-made combinations of active ingredients that are already grouped together (in their pre-mixed state).

Users can configure their kits’ active ingredients in the following ways:

  • Build their own formulas with our active ingredients selection process, allowing them to specify the ingredients to include
  • Complete a Skin Profile Questionnaire where they’ll answer a series of questions regarding their skin type and preferences

In either case, our platform analyzes user data to assemble the ideal skincare product for the user

Products are shipped in proprietary packaging to help bridge the logistical gap

Upon receiving the kit, the customer mixes the cream and active ingredients together to create a potent, tailored solution

They then let the mixture simmer for around 10 minutes to fully activate the final product, ensuring optimal freshness and potency

Our platform currently supports around 25 different active ingredients and their applicable combinations.  This total will continue to grow based on research & market trends - and along with user data, has the potential to grow into the world’s largest skin database.

Our pre-configured Blend skin treatments will be available for face, neck, and eyes with an option for customers to transition over to building their own formulas.

Some of the top achievements we’ve enjoyed during our company’s early days include:

Selling skincare for a couple of years which led us develop this concept and the relationships that will enable us to execute on it

Strong supply chain in place, including a top French supplier with 30 years of experience (has L.A. distribution center), packaging manufacturers in China along with an external QA company

Cost effective tech product and marketing teams to build and launch the customization platform

Initial interviews are showing great early product adoption, with a waitlist being formed.

The formula customization and the JIT production line are Patent Pending.

For more information on Vitality26 and what they have planned for the future, simply request access to the Business Plan portion of this Fundable profile!

Vitality26 and Blend are led by a duo of executive visionaries with the foresight to recognize a significant market gap, and a mission to build the most optimal delivery system for skincare.  Let’s learn a little more about them:

Assif Versano CEO
Two-decade tech leader and seasoned executive

  • Has held CEO and CTO roles for various companies
  • Led product development at Yieldstreet to a $200M valuation and NASDAQ “top disruptor” designation
  • Also an experienced entrepreneur with Stylit (ecommerce recommendation platform), which he founded and grew to 150,000 customers & IP acquisition

Joseph Abergel COO
Proven entrepreneur in the physical and online retail space

  • Founded & grew an electronics concept into 10 locations, 45 employees, and an exit
  • Has also owned a diamond sales & distribution company
  • Demonstrated an ability to lead international retail growth

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