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Quick Pitch

Demand for enterprises to mobilize business processes is exploding! Since 2014, use of smart phones has exceeded that of desktops, and Mid-Market and Large Enterprises are scrambling to create mobile workflow apps their employees, supply and distribution partners, and customers can use to move their business processes to their mobile phones and tablets. 

The problem is that building mobile apps has required engineers with rare, expensive, specialized mobile coding skills. Surveys have reported that the development cost for “small apps” is $3,000 to $8,000 and for “complex apps” $50,000 to $150,000 and take months to dveleop. Apart from the cost, the real pain is that the traditional engineering coding method just doesn’t scale, and enterprises cannot afford the cost to satisfy all the demand.

    ViziApps provides a mobile app platform that enterprises standardize on, to rapidly create mobile business apps themselves.

We do this by delivering an online mobile app builder that uniquely enables the 25 Million+ IT and office workers to use their existing skills to rapidly create mobile workflow apps with an engaging User Experience, secure data access, device feature use, as well as Offline Operation with no-coding, and business workflow logic with no- to low-coding.

An Adderssable Market 50 times that of mobile coding engineers!

Breaking News: Fortune 10 retailer just standardized on ViziApps for rapid mobile app creation! ... More Fortune 500 accounts coming soon!

Tuned from feedback of over 25,000 businesses that have signed up to use it, ViziApps is an easy-to-use, enterprise grade, scalable solution, with a rapidly growing base of enterprise customers, strategic partners, channel partners, and revenue.

No Coding Necessary; Low Coding Easy If Needed

ViziApps is disrupting mobile app creation with a do-it-yourself, no-coding solution. With ViziApps, workers familiar with office data and presentation tools can create mobile business apps, including access to company data, without using expensive coding engineers. We do this with our SaaS platform that includes a free-form graphical designer for the app user experience, task flow, use of native device features, and drag & drop interface for backend data.

ViziApps includes key technical innovations that put us over two years ahead of competitors: No-coding backend database connections; Free-form GUI page designer so users are not constrained to look-alike templates; Easy Mobile App Offline Operation; and Modular Design for easy partner extensions. If special features or flow are needed in an app, ViziApps enables easy insertion of HTML5 or JavaScript, languages known by millions.

Sample Apps:

Traction & Accomplishments

We begun to scale enterprise account licenses and revenue, results to date achieved on a shoestring Marketing and Sales budget. Our current Scaling Funding Round will be used to scale Sales and Marketing to emerging meet high demand. 

  • April 2017: Fortune 10 retailer standardizes on ViziApps for rapid mobile app creation! This has opened active programs with more Fortune 500 accounts!
  • Paid Subscriptions and VIP™ (ViziApps Innovation Partner) channel resellers growing 50% per Quarter.
  • ViziApps delivers the world's first and only mobile app platform with full No Coding Offline Data Sync, Mandatory for many business workflow mobile apps.

  • AT&T (NYSE: T) ViziApps integration of AT&T M2X IoT platform opens ViziApps to fast creation of mobile apps for the exploding Internet of Things.

  • PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) ThingWorx partnered & intergrated with ViziApps for fast mobile app creation for the Internet of Things.

  • Market Leader Micello partnered & integrated with ViziApps for fast creation of mobile apps with Indoor Maps and Navigation.

  • QuickBase (ex-Intuit NASDAQ: INTU) is promoting ViziApps to its solution providers for its installed base of 5,500 corporate customers.

  • A rapidly growing base of US and world-leading commercial property management, construction, agricultural, retail, and other enterprises are using ViziApps to mobilize their business processes.

How We're Different

ViziApps serves its customers and VIP™ channel partners better by providing backend data management and a fully flexible, graphical user experience designer with native device feature control, and Offline Data Sync, all with no coding. With ViziApps, a mobile app is built in days as compared to 12 weeks without using our platform. App updates are free and immediate, saving major costs when done by mobile app coding engineers.

Viziapps GoToMarket stratgey is focused on leveraging key industry leader strategic partners for immediate ViziApps "warm intro" access to their large enterprise customer bases.  We are also focused on signing IT solution integrators as ViziApps Innovation Partners (VIPs) - resellers using ViziApps to rapidly build mobile workflow apps for their customers with their existing skills.

As enterprise awareness increases, and ViziApps functionality and ease of use evolve for ViziApps office worker "Citizen Developer" use, direct marketing and support for that user base will be added in Q3 2017 with the Scaling funding.


If you're looking for a low-cost way into do-it-yourself mobile apps, the ViziApps tool is the place to start.
– John Brandon, Inc Magazine

I was able to get the three mobile apps done in only days, proving ViziApps is what I needed.
– Tim Spiech, COO, Spiech Farms Inc.

ViziApps provided us with an easy way to meet a major client’s very demanding user experience and app navigation requirements. We increased our revenue at one of our major accounts, and our customer is very happy with it.”
– Emi Gwin, President, Sympo, Inc.

I created my first ViziApps mobile app in just 3 days. We’ve increased our revenues and profits using ViziApps and their support was great.
– Todd Jusas, president of Juiced Technologies, Inc.

I don’t know of a way we could have done it that could have been as easy as ViziApps, and we delivered a better product, a more flexible product to the public, than if it were contracted development.

– John Whitehead, Human Resources Manager, City of Spokane WA.

We don’t need to know how to code. Now we’re turning our app idea into reality, quickly and easily!
Kay Corry Aubrey, Usability Resources Inc.

ViziApps let me do the design myself and limit our upfront costs. We simply would not have developed these apps without ViziApps.
Ian Flush, Bus. Dev. Manager, The Bowden Group


George Adams - Co-founder and CEO

Brings over 25 years of successful executive experience creating and growing mobile, enterprise, and security software businesses.  

Before co-founding ViziApps, he was CEO of SSH Communications Security Inc., building it from a startup to an industry leader and $400M IPO. Before that, he was VP of Marketing, Products, and Business Development, for Phoenix Technologies Ltd., helping create and expand the PC, laptop, and mobile device industries. Earlier, he launched and built key new industry-leading businesses at Sun Microsystems, Intel, Analog Devices, and Motorola. A BSEE and MBA, George is a Board Member for SAMI (Sales and Marketing Innovators), and has served on the Boards of multiple early stage companies.

Michael Kuperstein - Co-founder and CTO

Has over 20 years of experience inventing and commercializing technology by founding and growing companies.  

For Symbus and Captiva Software, Michael invented handwriting recognition technology. Michael founded Symbus Technology, which joined with Captiva Software Corp which was acquired by EMC for $245M. For eTrue, Michael invented facial recognition technology that was acquired by Viisage in 2002, and at Metaphor Solutions, he invented on-demand voice recognition applications. As Co-founder and CTO of ViziApps, he invented the ViziApps online mobile app creation service with no coding. An MIT PhD, Michael invented and patented the world’s first neural network robot in 1987 that learns from its own experience.

Louis Gudema - VP of Marketing & Business Development

Digital Marketing leader and successful entrepreneur 

Louis Gudema has over 20 years of digital marketing, mobile and enterprise sales experience. For a dozen years he headed his own digital marketing agency which served such companies as IBM and successful venture-backed startups. He then pivoted to make it a SaaS web development and hosting firm with its own proprietary content management system, building a national clientele before a success exit. He has served as VP of Business Development for two digital agencies, creating digital marketing strategies and closing major accounts. Louis mentors startups at MIT and has published marketing technology reviews for major tech analyst firms. Louis is president of SAMI, Sales and Marketing Innovators, an industry group focused on the latest best practices and technologies for sales and marketing in the 21st century

Tom Trometer - CFO

He has extensive experience with a wide range of innovative, early stage pioneering companies which uniquely qualifies him to serve as the Chief Financial Officer for ViziApps. 

Tom has over 25 years of experience and has served as the CFO for both publicly traded and privately held companies, including Constant Contact and HubCast. At ViziApps, he provides financial management, directs the corporate treasury function, establishes protocols and standards for internal reporting, helps develop business models and plans, oversees shareholder communications, and establishes risk management for the company. Tom is a CPA with a BS in Accounting.

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