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vMobo: Fast facts

Founder Vinu Sundaresan enjoys relaxing and reconnecting while treating himself, family and friends to food, culture and lifestyle interests reminiscent of his birthplace, India. While searching for just the right items, he was completely underwhelmed by the quality.

Rather than travel to India for the shopping experience he desired, he decided to take the journey of connecting India to the world by curating an experience across lifestyle categories. He created vMobo, a global integrated marketing network for commerce, content and payments.

A luxurious opportunity

When demand vastly exceeds supply, that’s called opportunity.

The Desis, global South Asians settled around the world, represent the largest ethnic segment after the Chinese, but they’re an untapped and underserved market. Outreach to Desis is largely unorganized and fragmented.

As a group, Desis tend to be well educated with English as their main language of engagement. They’re also high spenders.

They’re culturally rooted and enjoy staying connected with their homeland. Still, when they seek a platform to meet their needs, the search mostly comes up empty.

This is a population looking for luxury goods that inspire a cultural connection. This is a population looking to spend on quality. Without a premium lifestyle space, they’re leaving money on the table.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Vinu Sundaresan decided to fill this desire for luxury.

A lifestyle of commerce
and content 

vMobo harnesses the earning power located at the phenomenal intersection of digital marketplaces, digital payments and digital content by targeting Desis, one of the fastest growing and most affluent global markets.

By featuring three business segments — commerce with vClusive, content with PanDesi and payments with vPay — vMobo creates a vital synergy that allows these three spaces to serve each other as well as their customers. This benefits loop has the power to produce tremendous results.

Traditional advertisers now have a commerce platform to create and enhance direct consumer engagement, with the benefits of payments staying in-house.

Passive TV viewers transform into active buyers via the commerce platform. These buyers also get the guiding influence of our content. Plus, marketing clients gain a media outlet that features skip-proof advertising.

Most importantly, Desis and the affluent, well-traveled Culturally Open have a place where curated luxury meets discerning tastes. vMobo delivers on the promise of a lifestyle that feels like home.

Commerce with vClusive

vClusive is an omni-channel network marketplace targeting the premium and luxury segment for Lifestyle products. It’s arguably the largest neutral luxury marketplace in Asia.

Through vClusive, we create a cross-cultural market, sharing Indian designers and lifestyle worldwide and bringing international designers and lifestyle to the South Asia market. We Highlight Sustainable and Conscious Living fashion and lifestyle products

vClusive features more than 300 brands across all lifestyle categories and currently boasts over 300,000 members. We acquire members with qualified purchases at partner brands and through alliances with corporations, luxury alliance groups, hotels, airlines and auto dealerships.

We own all consumer data assets, with a membership and rewards network driven by AI and data analytics based on spend profiles. 

Content with PanDesi

Payments with vPay

vPaynow is our flagship payment acceptance offering. It is device and operating system independent, leveraging SMS and QR codes. It features scalable payment collection points and remote payments.

vSmartCollect is an end-to-end business solution which enables large-scale collections. It’s an ideal solution for recurring collection for real estate, fees for education and insurance premium collection. vSmartCollect can handle bulk uploads, with functionality to customize the time period and send automated requests.

vMaximise gives customers the power to split payments across instruments.

vIntegrate is a payment gateway integrated with multiple banks and service providers. It supports all major credit cards, debit cards and wallets, plus over 55 net banking links.

Poised for indulgence

vMobo has positioned itself as the premier lifestyle content and commerce platform for affluent South Asians and the Culturally Open around the globe. We are ready for members to indulge.


Product development | We have a fully integrated commerce, payments and content platform, as well as a fully integrated supply chain to facilitate delivery around the world. 

Customer acceptance | We have 300,000+ transacting members in our Membership Privileges Program. 

Intellectual property | We hold three patents on our technology for mobile messaging and spending. This micro-targeting, analytics and engagement platform drives recommendations for future purchases in our closed loop network of brands.  

Attractive partnerships | We have created alliances with VOGUE magazine and the ITC Hotels chain, as well as Mercedes and BMW dealerships.


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