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Software-driven manufacturing with serious traction.

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Company Snapshot:

  • Founded May 2015
  • 14% MoM Revenue Growth
  • Significant revenue with software-level margins
  • 3 patents pending, working on bleeding edge technology
  • Founding team from top universities, previous company was Y Combinator funded and acquired, and 30 years of combined industry expertise
  • Backed by David Karp, CEO and Founder of Tumblr
  • 60% of funding goal already closed

Manufacturing is getting a 21st-century upgrade with Voodoo Manufacturing.

What if running a factory was as easy as pressing “print”?

We’re pioneering a process we call “digital-manufacturing-as-a-service” that lets people produce up to 10,000 3D-printed plastic parts on demand in two weeks or less.

Leading companies from the worlds of technology, entertainment and beyond are already partnering with Voodoo Manufacturing to bring their ideas to life:

Now, we’re ready to take things to the next level by building a high-volume robotic factory that will make next-generation manufacturing simple, on-demand, and accessible to anyone.

In the last two decades, massive industries, from music to fashion have been reborn in a digital era where everything from creation to distribution is handled by computers. These new technologies enable new distribution channels where moving from digital to physical is faster, cheaper, and more scalable than ever before.

But while the things we build have grown ever-more creative and innovative, the ways we build them definitely have not.

Creators today are caught between two imperfect choices when it comes to getting something made. On the one hand, there’s “making” -- individually building products by hand, which results in highly crafted, highly original products, but takes hours of manpower and is impossible to scale. And on the other hand, you have large-scale manufacturing, with its ability to churn out hundreds of thousands of products, but only after massive upfront costs making it impossible to use at lower volumes.  

In an age that is increasingly defined by mass personalization and niche products and services, neither of these options for creating physical parts or products fits the bill. “Making” is impossible to scale up, “manufacturing” is expensive to scale down, and so we’re left with a gap in between.  

So the question is: what happens when you explore that space in between -- explore new, exciting ways to harness today’s technology to bring together the best that both manufacturing and making have to offer?

Answer: Voodoo Manufacturing. We’ve designed a process that combines the creativity and versatility of small-scale “making” with the efficiency and consistency of large-scale manufacturing.

The result: a 21st century manufacturing revolution that will change the way people produce parts and products for years to come.

So what does it take to build a manufacturing process for the Digital Age?

It starts with the device that has come to embody manufacturing innovation in the 21st century: the 3D printer.

We took hundreds of desktop 3D printers -- just ordinary, commoditized desktop 3D printers that you can keep at home, not the industrial printers our competitors use.

Then, we networked our printers together with our proprietary software, VoodooOS, to create a single integrated system that only needs 3 employees to operate, and achieves 155x the throughput of a single industrial machine.

The result: a high-volume digital factory that makes manufacturing:

And if scalability, speed, reliability, quality and cost weren’t enough, here are a few more features that make Voodoo Manufacturing valuable for its customers:

Voodoo Manufacturing was founded in May 2015 and publicly launched in October of that year, and it’s been non-stop action since then:

Here are a few more of the highlights of what Voodoo has achieved so far:

Customer Acceptance
Customers are already catching on to Voodoo’s approach to simpler, smarter manufacturing for some amazing products:

Intellectual Property
Voodoo Manufacturing is in the process of filing patents to protect VoodooOS and other innovations underlying the Voodoo process.

Voodoo in the Press
The media is already buzzing about Voodoo and our potential to revolutionize manufacturing once and for all.


And all of this is just a preview of where we’re going next. We’re getting ready to build a scalable, fully automated digital factory in Brooklyn, NY that takes all of our innovations and ramps them up to the next level.

Coming Soon
Voodoo Manufacturing Superfactory

Interested in learning more about Voodoo Manufacturing and where we go from here? Request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile, and let’s talk!

If anyone is going to execute on this plan, it's our founding team. We’ve logged 4 years together, including 3 months at Y-Combinator with our first startup, Layer By Layer, which was acquired by Makerbot in 2014. We are by all definitions experts in the fields of 3D printing and software, and are ready to grow Voodoo into a billion-dollar company.

Max Friefeld - CEO

Co-Founder, Layer By Layer
Y-Combinator funded ( 2013)
Acquired by Makerbot (2014)

Software Product Manager, Makerbot

Forbes 30 Under 30: Manufacturing

Harvey Mudd - Engineering 2013

Jonathan Schwartz - CPO

Co-Founder, Layer By Layer
Y-Combinator funded (2013)
Acquired by MakerBot (2014)

Software Product Manager, Makerbot

Director of Product, Bodylabs

Harvey Mudd - Engineering 2013

Patrick Deem - CFO

Makerbot - Head of Mergers & Acquisitions / Strategic Partnerships  

Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania - MBA 2009
Johns Hopkins - International Studies, Russian, Economics 2001

Oliver Ortlieb - CTO

Co-Founder, Layer By Layer
Y-Combinator funded (2013)
Acquired by MakerBot (2014)

Software Engineer, Makerbot

Harvey Mudd - Computer Science 2012

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