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Count backwards from 85. By the time you reach 0, a home fire will have occurred somewhere in the United States. Restart the stopwatch and repeat.

Of all the house fires reported daily across the nation, by far the vast majority originate in the kitchen. The number one culprit? Unattended cooking.

Whether you simply neglected to turn off the range after you finished cooking or nodded off while something was sautéing on the stovetop, the reality is that such an easy thing to neglect comes with major consequences.  

Apart from the physical dangers that threaten residents, house fires cause billions of dollars in damages each year. That’s exactly why fire risk accounts for up to 60% of the cost of homeowners insurance. State Farm alone reports around $1 billion in losses on an annual basis due to cooking fire-related claims.    

Here’s the good news: We can do something about it. The digital age has introduced the world to an all-new era of interconnectivity where you can remotely monitor and control everything from your thermostat to your door locks thanks to the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

At Wallflower, we’re on a mission to apply that preventative intelligence to the more than 115 million installed household cooktop appliances throughout the United States. Furthermore, our scalable IoT cloud, built 100% in-house, is ready to support Wallflower’s current and future product roadmap as we continue our mission of providing security and value to homeowners.

Our first internet connected smart plug, powered by Wallflower's scalable IoT cloud, easily works with any freestanding plug-in electric range currently available in the market - no tools are necessary. Wallflower continuously monitors stove usage and sends alerts to your smartphone if you forget to turn it off and leave home, or get distracted while at home. It also notifies you if your smoke alarm activates, warning you anywhere you may be and easily integrates into existing smart home platforms like Nest, Lowes Iris, etc.   

We provide homeowners peace-of-mind by reducing home fires caused by unattended cooking - and the resulting billions of dollars in related insurance claims filed every single year.

Until Wallflower, there has never been a way to collect cooking behavior data at the source and in real-time. Depending on your geographic locale, up to 60% of your annual homeowners insurance premium is paid to insure you from the risk of fire and the average fire loss costs insurance companies over $30,000 per incident.

Not only does Wallflower have the potential to reduce homeowner and insurer losses, we also give major insurance providers valuable insight into homeowner cooking trends. By capturing stove usage data, Wallflower helps property and casualty insurers optimize policy pricing. This data can also be used to calculate insurance premium discounts to help retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

When it comes to taking the necessary steps to ensure both your loved ones and your assets are better protected through constant reassurance, the question isn’t why should you, it’s why wouldn’t you? Here’s an inside look at how Wallflower makes that easier than ever.

Intuitive Installation & Setup
DIY installation is quick, easy, and safe. Getting started is as simple as plugging your stove’s power cord into the Wallflower smart plug and plugging the smart plug into the power outlet.

Multiple Users/Home
Our IoT cloud and smartphone app is user-friendly and supports multiple users for added convenience, so both mom and dad can monitor the home. The cloud and app also supports monitoring multiple homes, letting you secure your vacation home and/or your aging parents home for added peace of mind.  

Intelligent Learning  
As soon as you start cooking, Wallflower learns your cooking behavior and always knows when the stove is on and off. Wallflower tracks total cooking time, the time of week, the day of the week, and more, and will be able to warn you if it notices your stove is on outside of your usual usage pattern.  

Real Time Notifications
Wallflower pushes alerts and notifications to your phone whenever the stove is turned on or off, as well as when your cooking time extends beyond your average for that time of day and day of the week, keeping you constantly in the know whether you’re at home or on the road.  

Smoke Alarm Detection
A built-in microphone detects if your smoke alarm sounds and triggers smartphone notifications via an audible alarm.

GPS Geofencing
Wallflower always knows whether you’re home or away, and warns you if you leave your home with the stove on..

Wallflower is exploring integrating our IoT cloud with other security systems and smart home technologies you might have like Lowe’s Iris, Nest, Amazon Alexa, and more.

In addition to our consumer-facing product, Wallflower also has broad commercial application. We’re exploring hardwiring our product directly into a building’s existing phone line infrastructure to receive commands from automation systems without Wi-Fi.

Wallflower can provide an attractive means to innovation for commercial properties such as:

Student Housing Facilities
University and college dormitories and housing facilities usually often include cooking appliances and owner-operators are looking for a solution to reduce risk.


Hotels are adopting building automation systems where in-room motion sensors detect occupancy and adjust lighting and HVAC. Many are interested in installing electric cooktops, but adoption has been slow mainly due to the risk of guests leaving the room with the cooktop on.

Assisted Living Facilities
Allows its residents to live independently, eases monitoring burden on staff and can potentially help reduce insurance costs.

We’ve made some incredible headway in just a short amount of time with very little capital on our mission to transform Wallflower Labs into household name in the connected home space. Momentum is now building as we gear up for launch in the 1st quarter of 2017. Have a glimpse at how we got here and some our biggest milestones to date.  

Insurance Partnerships
We are currently in discussions with the top insurance providers in the US and already ran a preliminary trial. Insurance carriers are interested in larger pilots to test Wallflower’s potential to reduce claims, reduce churn, improve pricing models, and drive customer engagement. We are currently in the process of scheduling pilots in Q1 with several major carriers, and the top 10 largest carriers in the USA are all showing interest in our product:

Up Next

Depending on manufacturing and compliance schedules, we plan on shipping our first consumer product as early as Q1 2017.

Running parallel to our launch, we will also deliver product samples to several top insurance companies in Q1 2017.

Since such a large part of our development effort for our first 250VAC smart plug sensor was to build out our own high-reliability IoT cloud, we are ready to leverage that to move quickly into other home security-related applications. In addition to a gas-range compatible version of our first product, we plan to advance our B2B solutions and develop smart-plug type sensors to solve pain points that exist with other common home appliances. 2017 will be an exciting year for Wallflower Labs!

Want to learn more about Wallflower Labs, its products, and what they’ve got lined up for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

Victor Jablokov is the former founder and Chief Operating Officer of Yap Inc., a cloud-based speech recognition platform acquired by Amazon.com in 2011. Yap’s team helped develop the Echo home automation assistant and the Alexa speech recognition platform for Amazon. To date, Victor has raised over $13.0M in angel and venture financing during his 10+ years of leading technology startups. His experience encompasses over 15+ years in engineering and management, with previous roles in manufacturing and R&D at Siemens and ATI.

Broad engineering and management experience designing and developing products, cloud services, mobile apps, firmware, and systems solutions for Microsoft, PortalPlayer, NVIDIA, and Hughes Space & Communications.

Extensive experience in the consumer electronics, security, mining, and biomedical devices industries. Delivered over a dozen successful hardware products from concept to market. BE in Computer Systems Engineering specialized in the design of analog and digital electronics for manufacturing.  

Software engineer with over 20 years of experience developing mobile apps and complex system architectures. Over the last decade, Sergey has worked as a team lead developing iOS and Android apps in the mobile banking, health care, IoT, and social networking spaces.

Design engineering experience in a broad range of industries, including semiconductors, automotive, and robotics. BS in computer and electrical engineering from Northeastern University. Previous roles at Cymer and Bloomy Controls.

Range of experience in electromechanical test & design as well as technology licensing. BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. Previous roles at GE, iRobot, and the MIT Technology Licensing Office.

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