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WaterBlocks is the future of flood and crowd control.  Terminating the continued use of 10th-century technology (sandbags) to control floods.

We provide a proprietary line of steel-reinforced plastic blocks to create a rapidly-deployable wall of barrier protection. It is sized perfectly for transport while maximizing its capability and it is incredibly lightweight.

WaterBlocks Barrier Sharing Network Provides Its clients and customers with the budgetary solutions to flood control and mitigation as well as its many multiple uses that make our solutions, unique, incredibly versatile, and cost effective.

WaterBlocks secret sauce;  designed to allow the flood itself to fill the barrier to a total weight of 1750 lbs inside and an additional 1750 lbs of water outside on top of the barrier (almost 2 tons) to hold it in place during a flood.

You Don’t! All you can do is Redirect the water flow Elsewhere!

Current Tools and Methods Utilized:

A Flood Mitigation Device Solution requires (2) things:

  1. 1. Be rapidly deployable, lightweight, easily handled
  2. 2. NOT be cost prohibitive

For the last 1,000+ years, the primary solution to control flooding is using Sandbags to try and control flooding.  They are costly, labor intensive, and time-consuming to place.

As just one example, the state of Iowa had a major flooding event a couple of years ago that required 23 miles of sandbags to be built to protect the city of Cedar Rapids, which cost over $40MM to install and remove.

There needs to be a solution - a viable, cost-effective solution that will help stop flooding and have other applications and uses, such as controlling a crowd and hazardous waste spills.

Together We can make it happen.


  • Change  wall assembly direction as required
  • Control flooding, mud slides, traffic, crowds & hazardous waste


  • Efficiently lock barriers into any configuration
  • Stackable
  • Self filling in flood use


  • Easily lifted & moved:  2 men, 4 hours installation or removal per truckload
  • Transportation & storage-friendly – 104 barriers - 416 linear feet of protection per 53’ trailer
  • Networked to assist and support our Emergency Responders everywhere. 

Durable & Cost-Effective

  • Reusable and recyclable
  • 20 year UV life guaranteed by the manufacturer
  • Steel-reinforced polyethylene plastic


Joseph Daniluk, COB & PRESIDENT

  • Service-disabled combat veteran
  • 30+ years of business experience for directing and managing new project development, emphasis on finance, automation and marketing 


  • 30+Years as Corporate Business Development Director and former Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Mold In Graphic Systems. (our product branding system)
  • 25+ years of providing products and services to the worldwide rotational molding, the process used to manufacture WaterBlocks. 


  • Registered practicing patent attorney in Denver and Boulder, specializing in patent, trade secret, trademark, copyright searching, licensing, registration, prosecution and litigation
  • Will manage outside law firms retain to pursue the protection of WaterBlocks™ intellectual property and licenses


  • President of Tannenbaum Consulting LLC
  • Diverse business finance and accounting background with 30+ years experience in tax, auditing and accounting services 


  • Appointed US Ambassador to Bahrain by President Ronald Regan to serve the Middle East in 1986 and served with distinction during very volatile times
  • Has also served as a White House Advisor, a member of the US Small Business Administration, and Chaplain in the US Navy 


  • Patent Owner Partner & Lead Engineer on the Locking Line Barrier project
  • Developing additional features and enhancements to our product to further expand versatility and capabilities
  • Extensive background and training as a mechanical engineer and project manager 

Currently we have 30+ Board Advisors, all stockholders, they all have the education and experience in their fields to help guide us as we proceed forward. Their input and support has been instrumental in our progress.

Create a legacy with an incredible social impact across our country and eventually around the globe for a long time to come.

Join our founders' Investor Team so together, we can bring these solutions and benefits to market sooner than later.

         Thank you!

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