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M A K E  I T  I N T E R E S T I N G
Wayger: Fast Facts

Sports betting allows fans to fulfill their potential -- to show off their skills, knowledge and love of the game in a way that no other offering can. That's why our founder Evan McLaughlin, a passionate college sports fan, data scientist, and financial services pro, developed Wayger. Initially conceived of as an app to facilitate peer-to-peer sports betting, McLaughlin recognized the potential of taking this concept to the next level. He saw the extraordinary potential in approaching new sports bettors through free-to-play sports betting games while empowering more seasoned sports bettors to monetize their acumen through innovative affiliate marketing strategies.

M A K E  I T  I N T E R E S T I N G
Many Problems Persist

There's a reason why the global sports betting market has reached $203 billion and continues to grow astronomically.

People simply love the thrill that comes with placing bets on their favorite teams -- or, at the very least, the team they think is most likely to win. Americans are quickly catching on to this growing market and the incredible value it provides, both from an entertainment perspective and in terms of the enormous potential to win.

Some would say that it is incumbent upon sportsbooks to help these novice bettors navigate a daunting space filled with jargon and scams. But do they? More often than not, sportsbooks simply want more money coming in, and worry about the participants later -- if at all. Their enormous customer acquisition costs reflect this reality.

Further, it must be said that traditional sports-betting affiliate models are challenged by a vast array of state-level licensing and regulatory requirements, which can hold them back.

M A K E  I T  I N T E R E S T I N G
A Solution You Can Bet On

Wayger proudly solves these problems by acting as a Sherpa for those new to the sports-betting world.

Instead of scams, confusion or merely a lack of information, we offer:

Wayger’s legal and regulatory umbrella handles the daunting maze of state licenses, allowing pickers to pick while we automate and streamline the rest.

M A K E  I T  I N T E R E S T I N G
Why We’ll Lead

User-Friendly Selection
Wayger’s simplified user experience was designed from the ground up to walk new players through the bet selection process in an intuitive way. We provide explanations of key terms along the way, allowing novices to learn as they go without having to look elsewhere for vital information.

Assistance You Can Trust
Wayger groups games into easily-consumed Slates, each of which contains its own prize pot. When a user makes a selection in a given game, Wayger educates the player on the game outcome that has been selected. As novices evolve and become more adept, they can toggle off this functionality if they so desire. This also allows more experienced bettors to come aboard right away.

We're Ready to Grow
Wayger is excited to be engaged in an aggressive state-by-state licensing effort to gain the licenses necessary for our “sharp community” to earn affiliate fees through Wayger’s relationships with established US sportsbooks, both through customer acquisition and, ultimately, revenue-sharing arrangements. We are excited to partner with third party technology vendors and industry-leading legal experts to establish ourselves firmly on the right side of the law.

Succeed and Win!
Wayger goes the extra mile in every way possible. In addition to the other features, we provide an easy-to-navigate dashboard to help players keep track of the Slates in which they participate. Players can monitor how they are performing in Wayger-sponsored contests or season-long user-generated leagues. Best of all, we are willing to put our money where the player's skill is by awarding those with the highest point totals -- in each Slate -- with eligibility for cash and corporate-sponsored prizes.

Show Off Your Potential and Make Bank
Wayger keeps track of how players perform in picking the outcomes of games in each Slate they elect to join. We do this to provide a record that users can always view (and share) within their dashboard to determine how they are progressing. Users who establish a sufficiently positive record (the threshold is to be determined) may be invited and onboarded to begin making and marketing picks as official Wayger sharps. We do this through a streamlined, automated licensing process. This ensures a quick, fair and efficient method that keeps sharps focused, not frustrated or distracted.

M A K E  I T  I N T E R E S T I N G
Traction & Accomplishments

Beta Tested, Fan Approved
We are proud of the success we have had during our first round of beta testing, which is going on now for Phase 1 of our free-to-play functionality. The first two rounds of product enhancements have also been completed. Our core Phase 1 product is functioning as intended, and we are scheduled for a more aggressive, wider beta during football and basketball seasons.

Wayger has already onboarded a prize administrator to handle payouts, and we are excited to welcome a corporate sponsor / advertiser that will finance our prize pool throughout the football season. Early feedback regarding the app’s core functionality has been positive, to say the least, and we are confident that positivity will continue in the months and years to come, particularly as we identify, attract and onboard a community of early-adopter sharps to make and market picks (and Wayger) to their existing social networks.

M A K E  I T  I N T E R E S T I N G
Meet The Team

Evan McLaughlin | Co-Founder President

  • Passionate college football fan, data scientist, and financial services pro
  • Developed the concept for Wayger on a flight from New York to Dallas to watch Texas A&M take on Arkansas
  • Saw the enormous potential in approaching new sports bettors through free-to-play sports betting games
  • Strives to empower seasoned sports bettors as well by allowing them to monetize their acumen through innovative affiliate marketing strategies 

Gnanashekaran (Shekar) Natarajan | Co-Founder and CTO

  • Seasoned professional with 20 years of global technology and startup experience
  • Always scouting and evaluating new technology and tools as opportunities for innovation and development excellence
  • Loves the labs
  • Most used words - Prototype, Roadmap, Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment

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