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We Nuzzle™ LLC:
Fast Facts

We Nuzzle™ is a software development company creating web and mobile applications that will provide real-time, on-demand pet care services, including real-time search and provider selection process. We Nuzzle™ integrates a ground-up, fully-automated human resources software platform allowing for application, adjudication, & onboarding of potential caregivers.  We Nuzzle™ provides an industry first educational program in pet care via We Nuzzle Academy™.

It’s perfect for pet owners looking for quick, on-demand service, and for pet care professionals who are looking for gig opportunities providing a flexible schedule.


How It
All Began

We Nuzzle™ was founded by Dr. Brian T. Bennett, a successful scientist in technology startups, after he retired to Florida in 2018. He soon realized he would need some casual work to keep him engaged. Enjoying the freedom, he decided that the Gig economy made the most sense, as he could work when he wanted, interact with diverse customers, and drive, which he loves.

Over six months, Dr. Bennett delivered 803 Uber Eats orders, countless Shipt requests, Grubhub and Postmates. 6,000 miles later, what started as a hobby soon became an obsession with solving both the customer and providers’ inherent problems within the Gig space.

In the fall of 2019, Dr. Bennett, with his friend John Myers, a former executive at GM and Comcast NBCU, decided to enter the Gig space. They chose pet care, for their love of their pets. Their research showed this was a highly profitable space, and the ONLY area that did not have real intellectual property driving the application or services.  We Nuzzle would become a technology driven, trust-based challenger brand.

Quality Care:
Pet Care Problems

We Nuzzle™ recognizes that finding trusted care for your pet family members is problematic due to a lack of quality, vetted, and knowledgeable pet care providers.

Accessibility to on-demand pet care providers via mobile applications is not available in a modern, on-demand technology platform, much like Uber.

A real-time, in-depth review of pet care providers and choosing a provider within an on-demand and real-time platform is currently non-existent.

We Nuzzle™ recognizes, and has experienced first-hand, that providers of services in this space feel little sense of value. Easy to use mobile applications, U.S. based support, competitive pay, advancement opportunity, and the cost to apply for these platforms are all serious issues within this dynamic industry.

All Gig-based products are dependent on the service provider’s sense of worth and value.

We Nuzzle™
To The Rescue

We Nuzzle™ solves three distinct and industry-wide problems: technology, trust, and provider value.




We Nuzzle™
Key Features

Our proprietary, patent-protected full-stack web application allows customer profile creation, pet profile creation, and the ability to book services. Customer profiles include a detailed overview of the customer’s choices as to how services are performed.  Pet profiles are industry leading in collecting detailed health and behavioral information.

Both customer and provider applications are available, with interconnected communication via our IOS and Android services.

Web app allows for provider (Nuzzler™) application via our proprietary, patent-protected human resources program.

We Nuzzle™’s patented and protected feature allows real-time requests for pet care service.

Our platform allows the customer to review multiple providers, their profiles and choose a provider based on qualified, vetted information. The We Nuzzle™ Stay or Switch™ feature is a proprietary patented feature.

We created technological features within our application to address the future of Safe, Sanitary, and Secure™ pet care services via the We Nuzzle Safe Entry Program™.


What We’ve

We Nuzzle 

The Good

Bandy Carroll Hellige

In my 30 years in the advertising and public relations business we have encountered many startups. Some of which became clients. One of the key criteria we used in evaluating startups was a very subjective one. Passion. There is no substitute for passion. The second was if this product or service was unique.

A key reason I joined the We Nuzzle™ board was the passion I was greeted with. Not only passion exhibited by the founders...but also the staff. The passion they exhibit is remarkable.

A second key reason was the We Nuzzle App. In my business, differentiation is an important aspect of marketing. We Nuzzle™ has the ability to clearly demonstrate how their app is different from others in their space.

Differentiation in marketing is defined as “difference in degree, and difference in kind.” The more powerful is difference in “kind.” We Nuzzle™ can clearly show this to potential customers. Technology plays an important role in this case. The We Nuzzle App is certainly superior technologically.

Christine Whitaker
"We Nuzzle™ is in a unique position. Their tech-heavy approach is superior to the competition and this is a marketplace battle, not a marketplace creation."

Dr. Rose Robertson DVM
"Following Covid-19 Veterinary services are curbside drop off and pick up. We Nuzzle Ride services would help most of our client base provide medical services to their pets."

J. Kristy DDS
"Being a busy medical professional, I use apps for everything, groceries, restaurants, medical supplies. If an app is slow, doesn't get me what I want fast, I find another. This app is impressive."

The “We”
Behind We Nuzzle

Dr. Brian T. Bennett
Entrepreneur in biotech and platform technologies with success in both startups and funding. Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology from The University of Massachusetts Medical School. He was a pioneer in the early adoption and application of Super-Resolution Microscopy bringing several new products to market.

John D. Myers
Former executive with General Motors (30 years), acting as Director of Human Resources for manufacturing in the United States, Thailand, and Indonesia. Headed human resources for Cequent (a TriMas company), from 2003-2006 before transitioning to Comcast NBCUniversal as Regional Vice President of HumanResources.

Emin Ozandac
Former principal deep learning engineer and co-founder of Artspot. An accomplished and multi-talented professional with over ten years of experience in software development and implementing highly scalable, innovative technology solutions. 7 years in deep learning, data collection, image recognition and retrieval, and artificial intelligence. Lead a team of 16 engineers building distributed cross-functional web products for technology companies and engineered a web platform that now grosses $100M+ annual sales.

Andrew Tanchel
Andrew Tanchel has 20+ years of experience in biomedical, pharmaceutical, and medical device sales and management as a senior executive with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Excels in identifying and validating market opportunities and needs, deploying appropriate resources to achieve objectives, establishing and managing expense budgets to ensure a proper return on investment, and developing and maintaining customer relationships. Andrew's experience in the regulation and compliance drives the We Nuzzle™ C.A.R.E.™ program.

Nicole M Collins
Holds a B.A. from Temple University in finance. Nicole spent the early part of her career with the Hirani Group specializing in account variance resolution, and later with Gold Buyers LLC. heading Research, Permitting, and Accounts Payable for 325 Locations across 32 states. Nicole went into private accounting following and subsequently joined We Nuzzle™ in 2020.

Ava R Slifko
Graduate of The Ringling College of Art & Design (2019). Ava began establishing her amazing talent with We Nuzzle™ shortly after graduation. Her responsibilities include supporting the UI/UX interface with proprietary design elements, as well as social media and design collateral.

Jon P. Landers
20 plus years of experience in digital design. Lead development on over 200 plus digital projects, multinational task management, Cross-discipline fluency, and extensive team management and is Fluent in ADA compliance for digital design. Clients include Branch App, Letsfloat.com,  and international news organizations. Jon also developed several successful business start-ups in the midwest united states. Jon will lead user experience across web, and mobile app assets for We Nuzzle Including, Education and Human Resources.

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