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Fans simply invest by individually lending small sums of money to promoters, and after a VIP experience at a successful event, receive a return on their investment.

Promoters benefit from sharing the business with the crowd allowing promoters to book more shows.

Weeshing brings fans and bands closer than ever.

Music festivals are more about the experience than the music. True fans prefer more intimate experiences with artists, and artists prefer more intimate gigs with their best fans. The opportunity to meet your favorite band in person forms memories lasting a lifetime—we all remember every moment of that one amazing show.

However, the nature of multi-artist events and massive crowds cheapens the experience for both, costs patrons more, and nets artists less. In addition, ticket scalpers often buy tickets in bulk from sites like Ticketmaster before fans have access, forcing true fans to pay more than they should to see a louder, less meaningful show from the mosh pit or nosebleed seats, or have to miss the show altogether.

Weeshing's Crowdinvesting platform
brings fans closer to their favorites artists,
and rewards them with true bragging rights,
VIP tickets, awesome perks and even a return on investment.

Music fans want to see more and better concerts. Promoters need extra money in order to book more artists for more shows.

Weeshing is the first platform that allows fans to take the driver’s seat by investing in shows they want to see with artists they want to know.  

Fans lending money expect a return on investment and a VIP experience at the show, including perks like front row seats, access to soundchecks, and meet-and-greets with the band.

Promoters enjoy low-risk capital from vested fans who proactively market and promote the event in their own best interest. Both benefit by helping guarantee the artist and contribute to a sold-out concert that makes fans, artists and promoters all much happier.

Weeshing — facilitating fans and promoters in reaching their shared goals.

What is Crowdinvesting?
Crowdinvesting, a form of CrowdFunding, is a new method of funding businesses, projects or people by many investors rather than a limited number of investors. But unlike CrowdFunding sites like Kickstarter, investors using Weeshing.com can earn financial return on their money in addition to meaningful rewards. It’s an innovative model that allows the community to finance a project without unnecessary financial middlemen driving up costs for all.

Weeshing acts as a direct bridge between fans and promoters, and protects both.


1. Event promoters contact Weeshing seeking to lessen their risk by allowing fans to finance part of a show—promoters often need more cash or credit for a number of reasons: preserve cash flow for more marketing; bigger/better venue; more local front bands...all aimed at selling out the show, where everybody wins.

2. Weeshing’s proprietary Analyzer app matches artist/fan demographic data to regional trends to identify if a live show would be profitable in a particular area.


3. Weeshing enters into an agreement to list the prospective concert at Weeshing.com where the terms of the investment are presented for fans and investors to consider.


4. "Fanvestors" browse through event details and utilize our investment simulator to learn which investment is right for them. They then review conditions and invest according to their taste and preferences.


5. As the tipping point is reached, Weeshing provides funds to the promoter--the artist, date and venue are confirmed, and Weeshing begins collecting 1.5% per month for the Promoter to use the funds, and the show goes on.


6. Fans who invested enjoy a VIP experience at the concert, and earn escalating perks including signed media, access to soundchecks, backstage passes, meet-and-greets, etc.



7. Depending on how many tickets are sold, investors may also receive a return on their investment.


Word of Mouth (and now "Word of Mouse") are the best promoters--finally, fans can profit by socially promoting the show...virtuous cycle!

Weeshing was created by a group of investors who saw the opportunity to bring more bands closer to more fans by helping promoters book more gigs. For three years we have funded events, offline, in Chile, South America. On May 20, 2015, Weeshing launched its online Crowdinvesting platform to allow anyone with a love of music to share in the benefits of this new value chain.

Since our 2015 launch, we’ve raised nearly $9,000,000 USD in financed capital in México, Chile, Argentina and Perú, financing over 220 live events delivering an annual average profit over 20%. Concerts have included high profile bands like those featured in the graphic above, and many other prominent events and artists reaching a broad demographic of fans of all ages including Journey, Wanderlust, Alan Parsons Project, Hoobastank, and Belle and Sebastian.

We have over 13,000 registered users--and growing every day--more than 700 active investors, 2000 investments, and 150 promoters across the Americas with shows in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, and the United States.

Weeshing recently established operations in North America with offices at Cambridge Innovation Center in Miami, and in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we received a $40K grant from Parallel 18, a venture accelerator in partnership with Puerto Rico's Science, Technology and Research Trust (PRSTRT), and where we enjoy lucrative corporate income tax incentives.

We have been accelerated by NXTP Labs, the most active fund in LATAM, who invested $25k with a follow-on option for 20-40% of future rounds, including this one.

Partners and Awards

1. CORFO: $40K USD grant

2. CORFO Phase II: $60K USD grant

3. Broota: $400K equity at $4.6M valuation

4. Vial Serrano: in-kind investment in legal services support

5. NXTP Labs: $25k and 20% follow-on rights in future rounds

6. IE Venture Days: 2nd place in Sao Paulo, Brazil

7. Switch: travel grant for setting up Weeshing in Mexico

8. Play Business (Mexico): $100K investment round

9. Parallel 18 / PRSTRT (Puerto Rico): $40K grant with follow-on option

Media Mentions

Weeshing has enjoyed recent articles in two mainstay industry journals: Celebrity Access and Ticketing Business News. The company has also been covered in a variety of media outlets across the Americas including CNN, Billboard, Forbes, El Mercurio, iCrowd Newswire, Terra, and more. The company has a growing reputation in Chile and is earning a strong following in Argentina.


“During the years I have known Weeshing’s founders, Rodrigo and Javier, they have proven an exceptional team, executing medium and long-term plans to scale while growing. Their business model has proven disruptive—producers, artists and fans all continue to want what Weeshing offers. 

Weeshing’s relationship with fans also yields a positive externality: when 100 fans invest in a concert, they become ambassadors of the event, employing their own marketing strategies, helping producers breakeven faster and sell more tickets, which bands also appreciate. 

The founders’ willingness to travel has shown fruitful in opening new foreign markets, and we are confident that this company can surpass $100M USD valuation within five years. I would recommend any accredited investor with smart money to invest in this company.”

David Alvo, Fund Manager, NXTP Labs, Chile

"Weeshing’s results in Latin America gave us confidence that their business model would scale internationally. I have known Rodrigo and Javier for a year or so and they appear a highly efficient and cohesive team. Having already worked together on several startups and businesses gave us the added confidence to invest. 

The gap they fill between fans and promoters is very well received on both sides by allowing fans to invest in their favorite bands, earning both VIP status and potential return on investment, and offsetting a promoter’s risk. We believe Weeshing has strong potential for substantial growth in a prized sector, which could lead to a very high value exit. We would recommend any investor to join us in this venture.” 

Daniel J Cabo, Angel Investor, US 
Mario Santa Cruz, Angel Investor, US

Global Expansion
Weeshing is currently expanding services throughout the Americas. We recently landed as our CEO a prominent Alternative Finance expert with extensive experience building international festivals, and have retained a leading law firm in securities and entertainment to assist us in adapting our model and offering new models that take advantage of U.S. Crowdfunding and securities exemptions.

Product Development
Weeshing has designed and plans to launch three new services: Weesh, Analyzer, Brands and On-Demand, to complement current offerings and deepen relationships with fans, promoters, bands and sponsors.

Our commitment to continuous improvement of the base platform, along with strong investor loyalty, has been key to Weeshing’s success in Chile. We’ll continue to evolve our platform and service so that we can connect more people with their favorite bands and change the way live events are brought to communities everywhere.

Want to learn more about Weeshing Inc. and what they have planned for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

Scott McIntyre | CEO Weeshing Inc.
Lifelong Entrepreneur & Venture Catalyst, founder: Phabriq Development. President: Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA.org), former Director: The University of Toledo; Promoter: 25 years designing, producing, marketing, playing global music & art festivals including Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Acapulco World Soundfest, Burning Man.

Javier Hasbun | CFO & Co-Founder
Venture Capitalist having raised more than $2M USD for Venture Capital Group SpA. 10-year Serial Entrepreneur forming seven companies with five continuing operations. An MBE and Industrial Civil Engineer from Adolfo Ibáñez, emphasis in information technologies; awarded top financial thesis of 2010.

Rodrigo Segal | CCO & Co-Founder
Venture Capitalist and Partner in Venture Capital SpA. Partner in live events production company Trucko. Extensive experience in sales and marketing. Consulted for Consorcio in viral sales.


Juan Pablo Duch | CRO & Co-Founder
A decade in the concert industry with key partners across LATAM, staging more than 100 festivals and tours as a partner in Trucko, including Wanderlust festival, Marillion, Primavera Fauna, Faith no More, etc.  

Nicolás López | CTO
Serial entrepreneur and programming sauvante. History developing technology for companies like LATAM airlines, Consorcio, Venture Capital SpA, Weeshing, Adolfo Ibáñez.


Reuben Katz | Advisor
Venture Capitalist with 25 investments and 4 exits. See https://angel.co/rekatz


Jason Best | Advisor
Instigator of JOBS Act, Global Crowdfunding expert.
See https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonwbest/

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