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WESGREEN Technologies:
Fast Facts

Pollution is a massive problem, but for some things -- such as organic waste -- it seems like there are few solutions to getting around the problem, if any. Any technology capable of doing so would be deemed humanitarian, would be urgently needed and (if done right) would be extremely profitable.

WESGREEN Technologies (USA) Inc. aims to provide that very solution. We want to build a Pilot Plant that will introduce a new, innovative, and pollution-free Municipal and Organic Waste Processing, Recycling, and Disposal System.  Featuring an Accelerated Biogas Extraction System (ABES) and Waste-to-Energy Technology (WTE), Production of Premium Quality Organic Fertilizer (PQOF), and Development of Self-Contained Organic Farming (SCOF), WESTERN is the product of more than 20 years of R&D.

Enormous Problem

In the United States alone, roughly 1.4 billion tons of animal waste is produced annually from the Livestock farms and about US$165 Billion of wasted food, and guess what: it has to go somewhere.

Smelly, unwanted and potentially hazardous, this material needs to be disposed of in a safe manner, but that's hardly possible.

Most solutions create additional trouble, exacerbate odor issues and are an all-around ill-fitted answer to the problem.

It's time to change that.

It's time for WESGREEN Technologies.

The One
True Solution

WESGREEN Technologies solves these problems with a groundbreaking solution. Developed into an accelerated “Waste-to-Energy," we can solve the most critical and problematic part, allowing for 100% pollution-free processing, recycling and disposal of organic waste.

This is by far the most significant (and dangerous) kind of waste that create air pollution and poisoning of underwater reservoirs.

And that's not all -- a curing area has also been incorporated to produce High and Premium Quality Organic Fertilizer and to make sure the end products are consistent and of high quality at all times. WES will be catered to the countries that do not have centralized sewage systems and are relying mainly on Dumping, Uncontrolled and Controlled landfill, and Incinerators.

WES can be combined with landfill operation to save land requirement or prolong the landfill life to as much as 70% and will make landfill operation more profitable and environmentally compatible.

WES will create a cleaner and healthier environment and will save billions of government funds.

Why We’ll Lead

The beauty of WESGREEN Technologies is that our solution is 100% pollution-free. Our technology allows us to process Organic and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) or Garbage every 24 hours.

The benefits of WESGREEN are as follows:

Unlike alternative methods, there will be no waste accumulation and, as previously stated, no pollution. WESGREEN does not remove waste through burning and or leachate. 

WESGREEN isn't just a pollution-free solution -- we also do not create atmospheric emission of biogases. Better still, the whole operation is “In Vessel” and fully automated. All organic waste will be conveyed into methane gas digester tanks. Biogas, specifically methane gas, will be extracted and processed into Natural Gas. This is a win-win solution for all. 

A wastewater treatment facility and all the necessary anti-pollution devices are incorporated in the system. 

We're not stopping there. For Municipal waste, a sterilization and processing facility for hospital and other contagious waste is optional and maybe separately integrated within the plant area. 

WESGREEN Technologies was designed to only require a small land area. For example, a 2,000tpd (MSW) processing plant will only require 5 hectares for plant operation (approx. 12 acres) and another 5 hectares (12 acres) for staging and warehousing areas.

Traction & Accomplishments

Meet The Team

Rodney Raeyes | Chairman and CEO

  • Business Executive and an Entrepreneur Since 1970
  • Expert in Management, Marketing, Organization and International Business operation
  • Inventor and Patent holder- WES Technology 

Eduardo N. Canlas, ME | SVP of Design and Engineering

  • A mechanical engineer specialized in Environmental Designs and Engineering
  • 30 years of success having specialized in System Design and Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning, Project Management, Environmental Compliance and Permitting in United States, specifically in the State of California
  • He has also undertaken major environmental projects in other parts of the world 

Phil Thomas, SVP, Director for Business Development

  • Phil has been in the construction field for over 40 years.
  • Managed the largest residential framer in Southern California.
  • Started his own General Contracting business in 1993.
  • Restored historical landmarks for the city of Laguna Beach.
  • Completed projects ranging from residential to commercial properties. 
  • He also worked in auto retailing for 7 years. Progressed through all phases from sales to store General Manager.

Kwa Chil Oh (Kaicy) | VP and Director of Organic Farming

  • Kaicy is an Agriculturist with more than 30 years experience in Organic Farming in Korea and has undertaken major organic farming projects in several parts of the world
  • He is responsible for the development and introduction of High Salt Resistance Lacto microorganism (SRM-2 Fermentation Accelerator)
  • He is also an expert in Vermiculture

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