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WhamTech: Fast Facts

WhamTech provides a unique SmartData Fabric® that enables data analytics, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, client 360 views, and data security across large, complex organizations with disparate data across multiple sources.  Data is not moved and remains in its original location and format.

WhamTech solved some issues for large databases that had never been solved which made the technology extraordinarily fast and scalable; in talking to some large companies, we realized that the power in the technology was in its unique indexing.

We are able to strip away the indexes and start applying them across very large, disparate databases (originally tested with large government contractors and US government agencies).

Key Highlights

WhamTech has built an extremely comprehensive platform to uniquely address data virtualization, data security, hybrid cloud and master data management.

This unique solution has been extensively and successfully tested by large organizations such as Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, the US Joint Forces Command, DXC, Booz Allen Hamilton and others.

Global distribution for the technology is lined up through alliances with companies such as DXC (NYSE IT Services company, $18 billion ARR) and NTT Data (Global IT services company, $23 billion ARR).  The key target markets are banking and insurance, two of the largest IT markets. 

An insurance industry CEO has offered to introduce the technology to dozens of the largest insurance companies in the US that are his clients.

DXC is launching a solution that is targeting both the insurance companies on its platforms and the members of the Association of Corporate Counsel, which has over 5000 US companies as members. 

One of the largest banks in the US has identified the technology to be its data virtualization solution.  If this project moves forward, the first use case will involve an estimated 20 petabytes of data and will become the model to take the solution to many of the major banks in the US through the company’s alliance partners.

Major Problem

Data Silos
There are a series of issues being addressed by the technology, the first of which is data silos.  Large enterprises have built up multiple data bases using different technologies, different formats on disparate systems thereby making it difficult to enable analytics, artificial intelligence, and client 360 views that are necessary to remain competitive.

Peter Lencioni (in Silos, Politics and Turf Wars) said that “Silos -- and the turf wars they enable – devastate organizations. They waste resources, kill productivity, and jeopardize the achievement of goals.”

Dun and Bradstreet calls data silos the greatest challenges organizations face in achieving marketing and sales objectives.

Data Security
The second is data security. Cybersecurity attempts to stop attacks from getting inside an organization.  But some attacks do get through, even in the best protected organizations.

The only way to protect an organization is to create a protective barrier over the organization’s data. If attacks can’t get to the data, they cannot cause harm. WhamTech provides a data security layer that meets Forrester Research’s Zero Trust Model.

Enable Cloud Solutions Without Having to Move Data
The third is providing the ability to enable cloud solutions across multiple disparate data sources (cloud, enterprise, transaction, data lakes, mainframes, etc.) without having to move the data.  This is a unique, next generation cloud offering that also makes the solution much easier to implement.

Historically, large enterprises have attempted to address their data silos by moving all the data to data warehouses. This is an extremely expensive and time consuming process that suffers from a high failure rate. Other data virtualization solutions have to move the data, which reduces their effectiveness and limits their capabilities.

One Incredible Solution

WhamTech’s SmartData Fabric® solves these problems by externally indexing data across multiple large data sources in multiple locations. The data is cleansed in the indexes, thereby providing a clean formatted view across the disparate data sources. Complex queries are resolved in the indexing layer, thereby not placing a large load on the underlying system. Analytics, artificial intelligence, and other solutions look to the SmartData Fabric® as a single data source, which resolves the disparate data challenges of the multiple systems. 

This means that clients can implement this solution across its existing systems without the need for large, expensive and timely equipment upgrades.  This also allows clients to avoid the expensive and complicated process of ETL’ing (extract, transform and load) the data to a new system. 

The result is a much faster implementation that is significantly more cost effective than other solutions. Also, this solution can be phased in, thereby greatly reducing risks for the clients.

How It Works

SmartData Fabric® is a unique data virtualization software that leverages the power of indexes to discover, understand, pre-process, query process and access only the necessary data. Indexes address data, data source, and access control issues, enable advanced capabilities and rapid implementation, and avoid conventional data virtualization challenges of complex query plans, high query loads, low query  performance, incomplete or incorrect results, and the need for results cache.

The technology runs across fragmented data sources -- even legacy and big data systems -- and creates a true, 360-degree view without copying or moving any of  the original source data.

SmartData Fabric is:

Traction & Accomplishments

Our product is complete, ready for market and very comprehensive, and our technology is protected by both trade secrets and trademarks.

One of the four largest banks in the U.S. has accepted this technology as a data virtualization solution, saying that the value of the data abstraction layer is very clear. The company has to complete the implementation of the proof of concept for the bank on their own system using their data. A master services agreement will be put in place with the company.  The bank says that the first use case will involve the virtual integration of “many” data warehouses with its data lake. Each data warehouse is multi-petabytes of data.

Partnerships include NTT Data for the insurance and banking sector (NTT Data is a global IT services company with over $23 billion of annual revenue). We have also partnered with DXC for the insurance sector (DXC is a global IT services company with approximately $18 billion of annual revenue).

Meet The Team

Mark Armstrong

  • Responsible for operations, sales and finance at WhamTech
  • As a graduate from Colorado State University with a degree in economics, he started his career as an investment banker with Boettcher and Company
  • He became COO for Dalfort Aviation in 1993, overseeing the development of plans for an operation in Dallas
  • He then joined WhamTech in 2000 as President

Gavin Robertson

  • BSc (Hons) in Chemical and Process Engineering and a MEng in Petroleum Engineering, both at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • More than 15 years in the domestic US and international oil and gas industry, often working with data-related projects
  • After a period as a consultant to WhamTech, he joined as CTO and Senior VP in 1999, responsible for product design and development, and technical sales and marketing

Larry King, CPA, CGMA

  • As a graduate of Babson College, he started his career in public accounting and then founded and led KBA Group accounting and consulting firm into one of the largest CPA firms in Dallas
  • After merging KBA into BKD, a national CPA firm, he continued to serve as the Dallas office Managing Partner and then led the South Region Transactions Services Group for BKD
  • Joined WhamTech in 2015
  • Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Financial Executives International, and Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance

Mahesh Moturu

  • BS in Electronics and Communications, Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Texas at Arlington; was Valedictorian of his Executive MBA class at SMU
  • Helped develop a WhamTech legacy database product at CalTex Software (later acquired by Seagate Technology) that eventually led him to join WhamTech
  • Moturu continues to add quality projects to his 20+ years of experience in data management software and to his 15+ years in technical and product management

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