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This Problem is Coming Into Focus

Currently businesses painstakingly scour the internet to find photographers.

They may rely on word of mouth (but can you really count on that?).

I’ve even seen folks post on Facebook that they are looking for photographers or videographers. It's sad but true.

Craigslist has also been a great way to find creators for the past 20 years.

Well, "great" may be a bit of an overstatement.

The shortcomings to these solutions are that they are outdated and not seamless. They take time to find the right creator that fits your needs, in the location you are in at that time.

Who’s the Solution? Whoolias! Whoolias!

Whoolias is removing friction, bridging the trust gap, and bringing certainty for both sides of our marketplace (those who are looking for outstanding content and the photographers/videographers/influencers who are looking for great clients).

We are creating a space where clients can discover talented content creators to hire on-demand while giving creators the ability to show off their craft and work, enabling them to be hired.

More importantly, the creatives set their own price while Whoolias takes care of the payment and deliverables. With Whoolias, the creative will never have to worry about not getting paid for their work again.

Why We’ll Lead

Our success is being built in our innovative marketplace, which connects clients to photographers/videographers or influencers.

Our filtering options allow creatives to be discovered by their skill set, cost and location.

The client can message the creator, give the time, location and deliverables, then hire the creator.

Once the deliverables have been approved, the funds will be released to the creator.

Traction & Accomplishments

This Problem is Coming Into Focus


  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Created several successful businesses at scale across several vertical


  • Started Dynasty Consulting Group
  • His experience is in business development at the intersection of Culture and Technology, has generated over $100 million in revenue.


  • Began his career as a freelance videographer and editor before climbing the production ranks of the union broadcast commercial sector. He now operates his own production company and represents photographers and directors through a separate agency.
  • He has produced still and motion campaigns for leading agencies and brands, including ASICS, VISA, American Express, US Bank, Novartis, Nike, Jordan Brand, Ugg, Moet-Hennessy, Vans, Cadillac, Hyundai, etc.


  • 20+ years of technology leadership experience to his role as CTO
  • An innovative and hands-on engineer who was pivotal in designing and building many of the core technologies at companies such as Rubicon Project, which he took public in 2015 as co-founder, MySpace, where he was the Lead Developer, and Omaze, where he was CTO.


  • Owns the largest commercial production company in the world, HungryMan Productions
  • He has shot more than 63 Super Bowl commercials in his career

Cameron Chell BOARD MEMBER

  • CEO and Co-Founder of Business Instincts Group
  • Founder and Chairman of ICOx Innovations
  • Co-creator of the KodakCoin

Alex Banks Advisor

  • 20+ years of sales and marketing experience, specializing in B2B Saas and MarTech
  • Based in Silicon Valley, Banks actively advises a variety of startups on GTM and sales strategy

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