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WideFi Networks is a cloud and app based dashboard for your home or business to control and secure your network. We can give you full control of your router and network and will put you at ease with our superior cyber security.

As a homeowner and business owner, it’s important to know the devices that are connecting to your network, allowing you to control access and content. It’s also important to know that your network, and all devices connected to it, are protected from potential cyber threats and security risks. Even those devices that historically have never been able to be protected but yet still connected to your network.

By being both cost-efficient and easy-to-use, WideFi Networks will assure increased cyber security and network control for homeowners and small business owners nationwide.

Homes and businesses today are more vulnerable than ever to viruses, bots, and hackers.

Businesses providing free public wifi for their guests and customers are put at risk by unknown end-user activity. If your business is unable to monitor network activity, your business could be liable and unprotected from mobile intrusion, network peering and fishing activity.

For Example: A tech company manager that uses a local free WiFi hotspot during his lunch break to troubleshoot an issue. Free WiFi hotspots are often not encrypted, so hackers can easily nab any pertinent data from the end-user’s laptop. Ultimately, the manager logged onto his company's network to troubleshoot a computer server. An eavesdropper nabbed his username and password. Later, that hacker used the stolen information to access the tech company’s private server. - ABC News

Increased home automation and bluetooth integration with smart homes creates increased vulnerability with a higher number of possible entry points. It’s important to keep your network protected in order to keep your devices, data, and identity information safe.

As many people are not aware, devices such as garage doors, home temperature control systems, home security systems, TV’s, and some IoT medical devices are not protected from vicious viruses and malware. These devices do not have operating systems to install security software, leaving them vulnerable from many cyber threats.  Deploying Wide-Fi at the router offers protection for all “internet of things” devices.  

Additionally, if an already-hacked device penetrates your network, (like a friend who is unaware that their phone is compromised), other devices in your network are also susceptible and vulnerable.

WideFi Networks makes it easy to monitor and protect your devices and network without the need to purchase expensive equipment.

With our easy-to-use dashboard, we utilize all of today’s commonly used security practices. Our dashboard is visual and easy to understand and operate. This allows you to monitor and control your network from one central location.

This protects your business and your customers from both outside and inside threats. In your home, your devices and identity are protected from cyber threats before they even attempt to penetrate your network.

With WideFi Networks, you’ll be able to control your network security from your personal integrative dashboard.

Connect your existing internet router. WideFi Networks makes it easy to connect and setup your WideFi protection. With no additional equipment to purchase, initial setup could not be easier.


Create your account and set up your Dashboard. Once your network is connected, you can customize your settings and monitor your network activity from your Dashboard. This is where you’ll be able to see each device that connects, restrict access to high-risk content, and use all of today’s standard cyber security practices in an easy-to-understand visual interface.

To connect to your protected network, guests only need to set up an account and enter the authentication code that is sent to their phone.  Using a Multi-Step Authentication process adds extra security to your network and prevents hackers and bots from forcing their way into your network.

Protecting your network is as easy as that! Now you can monitor and control the devices and content that enter your network, offering higher standards of protection for your business, home, and guests.

WideFi Networks is just weeks away from a market-ready product that can connect to the top 6 routers in the country.  This opens a market providing access to over 30 million potential customers. As we continue our development process and add additional routers  in this country and throughout the world the market just grows exponentially.

The next steps for WideFi include creating more channel partnerships, such as

  • Airline network providers
  • Telecommunications companies like AT&T
  • Home security companies
  • Media companies like radio stations
  • Churches
  • Or any company that has customers willing to purchase WideFi as an add-on service from their standard business services.

Patrick Cavanaugh | Founder
Patrick monitors and oversees the software development for WideFi Networks, and brings over 20 years of experience working in the Network Technology industry.  He has worked with the leading communications technology companies that provide connectivity and data delivery.

Brad Hawkins | CEO
Brad has over 20 years of experience starting and running companies.  He has developed and run companies in the investment field, health care field, software development field, and in the manufacturing field, as well as companies that operate internationally. With WideFi Networks, he oversees the overall leadership and development of the company.

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