Wiederkehr Wine Cellars

More than 130 years of pride in making fine Arkansas wine...


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Quick Pitch

Many of our fine wines are made from grape varieties that were believed to be impossible to grow in this region of the United States. Knowledge, care, and patience have prevailed for over 133 years and the results are wines that reflect both the Swiss-German heritage of our family, and its devotion to American winemaking.

Wiederkehr's primary goal is to produce  great wines worthy of the connoisseur's palate, but priced to be enjoyed by everyone who appreciates a proud heritage, over a century of craftsmanship, and the quality wines they represent.

Product/Service Details

Wiederkehr Wine Cellars, Inc. sells direct to customers through their Vintage 1880 Shoppe, Weinkeller Restaurant, Wiederkehr Village Wine & Spirits,  Swiss Family Bistro and direct shipping to almost 40 states. Wiederkehr Wines are distributed to Arkansas and 8 other states in the region through wholesale distributors in Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi and Indiana.

Wiederkehr produces more than 40 varieties of wine  from classic vinifera’s (European varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, etc…), labruscas (American varieties such as Concord, Niagara, Catawba which account for 80% of our business), French Hybrids and the Muscadine wines that are so popular in the Southeast United States and a top six seller for Wiederkehr.

Wiederkehr has future plans to expand franchise of the Weinkeller Restaurant in the major cities of our regional sales where our brand is a household name.

How We're Different

Simply stated, the best grapes make the best wine. The fine sandy soil and the many different microclimates in the Wiederkehr Village and Altus areas produce the best grapes. The various locations of vineyards were selected through the years by using test plots and keeping exacting records of the results. Through this research, we have determined the best locations and microclimate for each variety to produce the finest quality of grapes possible.

Combining the best grapes with careful pressing, fermentation, aging, and quality control create fine wines that delight the palate. As harvest time approaches, our viticulturists and wine master carefully monitor the grapes to determine the right time to harvest. Samples are sent to the lab for analysis, and when the grapes are at their peak, the harvesting begins.