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With so many hubs and apps out there, how can you be confident that your investment will stand the test of time as new smart devices hit the market?

WigWag takes control of the Internet of Things and fits it all into one app to give you convenience and peace of mind, without the fear of incompatibility.   

Exclusively on Fundable, WigWag is offering packages that include a colorable, dimmable LED bulb, a powerful communication hub, and an environmental sensor block. When paired together, WigWag devices can communicate with other brands of IP/WiFi-enabled devices to create a unified smart home of the future.

Filament - an affordable, smart, colorable LED bulb. Clean whites, full colors, pairs with other brands and devices for smarter lighting solutions.

  • 30,000 hour lifespan - that’s 20 years without changing a bulb!
  • True RGB+W²; Transition from Warm to Cool Whites (3000-6000k)
  • 9w, 800 Lumens, 64 Million Colors and Fully Dimmable
  • Control other brands of smart lighting from One App
  • Create custom Rules to make your lighting work for you
  • Add instant intelligence to any environment
  • Quick and Easy to Setup; Edison screw

WigWag Sensor Block - Add superhuman sense to any environment to instantly make your home or office more intelligent

  • 8 Senses: motion, temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, button, magnetic contact closure, and an IR receiver
  • 4 Controls: a low-voltage relay for garage door openers and other remote controls, 7-color LED light, sound buzzer, and an IR blaster
  • 2  I/O expansion ports (analog and digital) so you can add more sense and control to your system
  • Create an invisible infrared (IR) tripwire in a doorway (2 WigWag Sensors required)

Relay - The brains of the operation. One hub powerful enough to control the rest.

  • Zero Configuration - Just plug it in and download the WigWag App!
  • Able to communicate and carry out rules with or without an internet connecton
  • Connects to the Cloud so you can control your devices from anywhere any time


  • Works with a variety of IP devices such as Sonos, Phillips Hue, Belkin Wemo, Lifx bulbs, Google Chromecast, and many more
  • Syncs with Internet services such as email, Facebook, Twitter, Drive and Dropbox so you can set your devices to respond to social media alerts

  • Expand your systems with plug-in USB dongles to add other protocols like Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, and more (available Early 2015)!

With Filament, you can light up a room, set a colorful mood, or get creative and build rules to customize your lighting. Control Filament side-by-side with other smart lighting brands using the WigWag Relay for even more possibilities! Go a step further and add your smart speakers, outlets, and other WiFi-enabled devices to have greater control of your home or office on the WigWag app.

Create custom automatation scenarios based on motion, noise, temperature, and more by adding a WigWag Sensor Block to your smart home or office. Then, you can set Filament and any of your other smart devices to respond to changes detected by the Sensor Block. For example:

WigWag lets anyone build dynamic, intelligent environments with zero programming needed. WigWag's simple, user-friendly, hybrid-cloud platform and suite of devices allow anyone -- from the average homeowner to IT professionals -- to create intelligent environments. With WigWag, you can make any environment automatic by establishing simple 'When this, Then that' rules.

Pairing is easy as 1, 2, 3

In order to enable you--the users--to build intelligent environments with as little hassle as possible, we've designed these sensors to be incredibly easy to deploy. All you need is your smart phone to begin deploying your WigWag devices. The Deployment process is simple:

Once a WigWag device is securely scanned into the WigWag app, the user can immediately begin creating rules. This eliminates two of the largest hurdles in deploying wireless smart devices in the Internet of Things: installation and the pairing of devices. With WigWag, there are no passwords, "SSIDs," or confusing wireless configuration dialogs.

With WigWag, you do not have to worry about incompatibility between devices (regardless of brand), because our open-source technology allows users to communicate with an increasingly broad range of devices.

Even if you’re not a coder or you aren’t interested in coding, open source software allows your smart home to remain a smart home in the years to come.

WigWag’s open-source technology lives inside the WigWag Relay and other new devices entering the market, making it possible to connect smart devices with one language, deviceJS.

Most other systems are not “open source,” which forces developers to learn complex, proprietary code, and integrating the new devices (and even older, legacy devices) becomes a critical challenge that affects end-users' ability to add new devices to their ecosystems.

Think about it. If you invest in a home automation platform, don’t you want one that can stand the test of time (and maintain compatibility)?

"WigWag offers the best chance to stay ahead of the home automation game."

Thousands of people worldwide trust WigWag to keep the Internet of Things open for innovation. WigWag’s open-source technology allows developers to write code for the newest (and oldest) connected devices, ensuring all devices can talk to one another without interuptions,which allows for smoother experiences for users.

WigWag has raised over $450,000 in pre-orders and is currently shifting the conversation of IoT regarding open source technology.

As a true bootstrap startup comprised of a gang of engineers, programmers and designers in Austin, Texas, WigWag has already seen incredible traction. Below are a few of our most notable achievements.

Filed for patents in January 2013

Created working prototypes for all products, currently used for ongoing R&D and testing

Successfully surpassed our $50,000 goal on Kickstarter, raising over $450,000 in pre-orders

Gained over 1,500 unique customers through Kickstarter pre-sales

Working to deliver the 1,500+ Relays and 3,000+ Sensor Blocks pre-sold

Received purchase orders from a variety of stocking distributors such as Amazon, Newegg, Smarthome

In discussion with a telecommunications company and a major manufacturer of electronic components, both interested in integrating the WigWag
           platform into their offerings

Several notable features in the press:

WigWag was started by two former Army Signal Corps officers, who met while attending the Computer Science program at West Point. The company's name 'WigWag' comes from the signaling system used by the US Army Signal Corps in the 19th century for communicating through the movement of flags.

Ed Hemphill, CEO, and Travis McCollum, COO, were both early employees at LifeSize Communications (later acquired by Logitech in 2009 for approximately $400MM). While working for this innovator in the HD video conferencing space, Hemphill and McCollum discovered the need for a modern platform for automated systems, as they saw countless companies and users frustrated by the existing systems. (Linked-In: Ed Hemphill, Travis McCollum)

Jean-Marc Trinon, WigWag's primary investor and advisor, has over 25 years of experience designing and developing enterprise software packages for large distributed environments. Trinon holds several patents and was a founder of IT Masters, a company that developed software products in the Distributed Systems Management domain. IT Masters grew to become an international group, ultimately acquired by BMC Software. 


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