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Wilkinson takes the lead in the local food micro-manufacturing space with the fully automated BreadBot. Creating intriguing in-store theatre, a bunch of delectable aroma and the freshest bread possible, BreadBot offers just-made bread hot from the oven.

Our bread tastes great and uses less natural resources. Shoppers get the freshness they want, store profits grow and we help protect the planet. It’s a fresh, new solution for a traditional industry.

Today’s shoppers want more from their food.

Sure, they want good taste. But they also want food that’s local, fresh and healthier — for their families and the planet.

Now imagine the average shopper going into a supermarket to buy a fresh loaf of bread. Pretty simple, right? Not really.

The big names in the bread aisle might look and feel fresh, but the loaves were produced in a centralized factory and trucked hundreds of miles to make it to the store shelves.

The bread may spend days in transit and in the store for a week or two. It contains a list full of unpronounceable ingredients meant to create an illusion of freshness.

And the loaves from most in-store bakeries? They’re partially baked in a factory, then frozen for shipment to your local store to finish the job. That’s not exactly fresh.

When you think of the preservatives in the bread, the time it sits around and the environmental impact of transportation, it’s enough to make you lose your appetite.

Even better than sliced bread is the ability to take home a hot loaf just out of the oven.

Wilkinson Baking Co. combined innovative technology with traditional baking to create the BreadBot.

This networked, fully-automated, in-store bakery bakes bread from scratch in full view of shoppers.

Talk about transparency. Customers can see the bread being made, revel in the aroma and enjoy the delicious, preservative-free freshness.

Customers don’t have to worry how long the bread’s been in store or how many gallons of fuel were used to get it there.

Though BreadBot bread tastes expensive, the price is competitive since half of revenue doesn’t go to logistics.

BreadBot is labor- and cost-efficient for the store too. Plus, it’s an in-store attraction that keeps customers coming back — spending time and money.

We used to think sliced bread was pretty great, before we knew the whole story. BreadBot is even better.

The 22-square-foot BreadBot bakes up to 10 loaves per hour with more automation than a $75 million bread factory, monitoring 2,000 times each second to ensure quality.

Here’s how the magic happens:

Shoppers get fresh from the oven taste, instead of bread that sat on a truck and then the store shelves for days or weeks.

Retail locations benefit too. They get the fresh, all-natural halo effect by delivering on that promise.

The engaging, in-store baking process and tantalizing aroma give shoppers a reason to walk through the doors of a brick-and-mortar store — and keeps them coming back.

We’re currently pre-revenue and making delicious progress:

Product development | We completed prototypes for two BreadBot models and we’re moving ahead to commercial production. We’re already adding functionality like a (post-Covid) self-service option, multiple hoppers for loaf variety and easier cleaning.

Intellectual property | We have a strong global patent portfolio that protects the major components of the BreadBot and its innovative technology. This portfolio spans across the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and China. We also have other patent pending applications on new designs.

Partnerships | We have deep ties with industry names including Archer Daniels Midland, Corbion, Rich Products, Puratos, LeSaffre and Cascade Organic Farms.

Customer acceptance | We have 100 months of in-store experience with nearly 200,000 loaves made and purchased. And we have data that shows BreadBot shoppers are spending more money overall in the store.

Social proof | We hoped to make some solid contacts at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. Instead, BreadBot gained celebrity status as the most-talked-about tech.

Following the buzz of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, we’ve been bagging media mentions from a variety of local, national and global outlets including:

This media exposure resulted in BreadBot requests from 111 different countries.

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