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WinQuest is a new app that’s reinvigorating the brick & mortar shopping experience through engaging treasure hunts in partnership with local merchants and brands.

Our app allows these physical businesses to compete with online retail by encouraging increased foot traffic, while also delivering them with valuable insight in the form of geospatial data.  It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved with brick & mortar retail.

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In the world of consumer shopping, the traditional is being eschewed for the convenient.  The rising popularity of ecommerce is leading to the collapse of the brick & mortar model; in fact, one online retailer in particular would have a 79th-ranked GDP if it were a country.

This seismic shift is creating issues for other key stakeholders too:

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Introducing WinQuest: a mobile app that uses augmented reality virtual treasure hunts to enable users to win prizes in exchange for data.

For all the issues the ecommerce craze has created for traditional businesses, it does provide the valuable benefit of knowledge of consumers’ specific likes and shopping desires.  WinQuest captures this, while still encouraging brick & mortar shopping.

To this end, our platform directly addresses the dwindling number of physical shoppers in the world today by driving traffic to local merchants in a unique manner - while also still providing consumers with a shopping experience that online retail can’t replicate.

WinQuest will also serve as a valuable source of market research data for both stores and brands.  It’s a great way for all key stakeholders to adjust to the changing consumer shopping landscape.

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Whereas similar apps like Pokemon Go use AR & geolocation to create in-app results, we use these features (and others) to create additional access to tangible products and cash & product prizes.  Here’s a top-level glimpse into the WinQuest journey:

By intersecting user data with geospatial data, we create information on the shoppers that's far more valuable than the conventionally created analytics that stores have typically relied on.

Taking this even further, brands can even leverage our in-app surveys to develop local and global marketing strategies - allowing them to efficiently court the consumer and tailor the experience to their core demographic. Here are just a few more of the many benefits that WinQuest delivers:

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A very important thing to take into account regarding WinQuest is our ongoing commitment to full data transparency.

Amongst all the fun that our treasure hunts and mini-games deliver, at the end of the day, we’re a data mining company.  So it’s crucial that we operate with integrity from both our users’ and partner businesses’ standpoints.

The info we collect from users is all non-personal, macro group metadata - and any personal info we do collect is 100% volunteered by the users themselves.

The transparency facet of our business will never change, and will allow us to craft a positive brand image in the eyes of all key stakeholders.

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We’re still in the early stages of our ultimate treasure hunt, but are off to a great start thanks to these key accomplishments:

Development partnership secured with SweetCherry Tech to build
out our app; will also be retained afterwards for troubleshooting and
ongoing improvements.

All signs pointing towards hitting our soft launch pre-release ​goal
of May 4, 2019.

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The WinQuest concept originated from where else: a smart refrigerator.  Our Founder picked up on how the appliance learned user habits over time - including purchase type and frequency - and thought the same could be applied for brick & mortar retail shopping.

The result, soon after, was the beginnings of the development of WinQuest.  Let’s meet the team that will steer us towards our ultimate vision:

Chris Faraguna | Founder/CEO | Seasoned businessman both within the corporate realm and as an inventor & entrepreneur.  Has top-level experience managing million dollar projects & large staffs in previous roles and guides strategic decision making for us.

Robert Mastrangelo | COO | A Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology graduate, Bobby then went on to work as a Product Design Engineer at Ford Motor Company.  He’s also held similar engineering roles at Faurecia, Serta Simmons Bedding, and a solar startup.

Kevin Paray | Operations Manager | Kevin’s gained valuable operational and management experience as a Production Supervisor at Broadridge Financial Solutions.  He also spent time at D3, LLC as a Design Engineer/Production Engineer.

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