World Health Service

Merging AI with healthcare for comprehensive at-home care.

Raising $500,000

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The World Health Service is creating an integrated online ecosystem for remote healthcare, combining mobile diagnostic equipment, healthcare providers, and artificial intelligence.

Our medical diagnostic tools upload your health data to our online platform. AI interprets your data, comparing it with similar patients worldwide, and recommends treatment options to your doctor.

COVID-19 has proven the benefits of remote healthcare; patients can get medical advice from the safety of their homes.

But in its current state, remote healthcare is flawed:

  • Patients need to be referred to hospitals for diagnostics, tests, and treatment
  • Telehealth services are fragmented

Introducing: World Health Service

The World Health Service is the future of remote healthcare: an integrated online ecosystem combining:

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Mobile Diagnostic Equipment
  • Artificial Intelligence

Our platform allows patients to choose doctors, clinics, and hospitals worldwide, send their health info, and get in-depth treatment options at home!

We work with various companies that manufacture ready-made diagnostic equipment that’s also compatible with WHS, including:

Our AI system automates several medical processes, leading to a quicker, more accurate diagnosis.

Doctors can use this analysis to help diagnose disease and choose an effective treatment plan.

Doctors can remotely diagnose and assist patients from around the world.

We don’t charge any fees; doctors can charge patients any rate for their services.


  • Access to patient cabinet with health info
  • 24/7 patient medical data, real-time access
  • Comparative analysis to determine which treatment protocols are more effective

Introduced healthcare providers, hospitals, equipment manufacturers, and doctors to the platform

USPTO patent number granted for AI system

General app and website development completed


  • Decided on design & supplier for the smartwatch/smartphone
  • Diagnostic equipment integrated with WHS platform 

Working with various companies that manufacture ready-made diagnostic equipment that works with WHS.

Maximillian Kovtun, CEO

  • President and Co-founder of Travelmate Robotics, an innovative American company making robots and robotic suitcases
  • Experienced in the development of robots, AI and online services

The WHS team consists of developers, software programmers and engineers who specialize in AI, with experience in developing robotics and online services.

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