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Our enterprise SaaS platform enables marketing teams to quickly and easily build and release highly-optimized, AI-powered predictive campaigns across email, video, Facebook, and display ads.

Starting with a base set of information defined with you, our predictive engine identifies combinations and patterns, intelligently predicting in real-time what messages will work best for a specific individual at a specific point in time. Our engine then continues to learn and adapt that messaging as more people interact with each campaign.

Building on these solutions, Wylei is piloting, and about to launch, the first Predictive Video Solutions for Facebook!

The result?
More relevant engagement, higher conversion rates, and dramatically improved ROI that converts 50% more than traditional ads!

Intelligence for the digital marketer about who their customers are. The predictive engine often identifies combinations and patterns humans wouldn’t think of and would take years of manual AI and focus groups to find!

The AI-driven digital marketing revolution is in its early stages of completely transforming the industry, and Wylei has already made massive strides in our mission to lead the way.

Read on to learn how we’re doing it.  

From helping Netflix improve suggestions, to face recognition on Facebook, to calling up GPS services on an iPhone, artificial intelligence is experiencing a significant increase as the central component that powers many of our daily routines in the Digital Age.

The digital marketing industry is perfectly aligned for disruption by the technological breakthrough many experts claim has the potential to be the most revolutionary since computing was introduced.

The reason is twofold:

Our technologies change all that – by enabling digital marketers to start with a large number of variations in their messages, our predictive content engine creates and assembles in real-time, the best combination for that person at that exact moment – while learning and adapting along the way, tailoring each message for the exact moment the consumer views.

It also means A/B testing is no longer needed – the machine does it for you.

As an added bonus, this machine learning translates into new consumer insights.

Wylei’s AI is now solving these challenges.

Wylei is pioneering what we call Predictive Content.

Wylei’s patented Predictive Content allows marketers to assemble and display digital content such as context, user behavior and preferences in real-time using predictive intelligence learned automatically by observing subtle trends in engagement across email, video, mobile, and web channels.

Simply put, with Wylei’s AI and machine learning-driven solutions, we’re revolutionizing

  • How consumers engage with and consume digital marketing information
    Wylei dynamically assembles digital marketing messaging in real-time using up to thousands of variants to tailor the right message for each targeted customer at the exact moment of engagement.
  • How digital marketers design and create their messaging
    Wylei’s Optimization CloudTM replaces the need for A/B testing and “one size fits all” tactics, allowing marketing teams to release highly optimized AI-powered predictive campaigns in real-time. As the customer’s behavior, location, etc. evolve, AI learning evolves with it to identify what converts most effectively.
  • How companies understand their consumers
    Wylei uncovers new and unexpected patterns on consumer behaviors, enabling companies to integrate key insights throughout their organization.

Next, we’ll break down three of the key components to our Predictive Content™ approach and how they are already driving big results for our clients.

As consumers engage with a video, Wylei drives unmatched engagement with self-assembling videos that automatically tailor video elements to fit the context of each individual viewer -- creating a more personalized and relevant experience.

The Project: A year-end personalized “Thank You” video for Marriott Rewards members.

The Client Challenge: Delight members with a personalized, entertaining twist to their annual activity summary -- but they needed a solution that would scale to millions of recipients and simultaneous views.

The Wylei Solution: We worked with stakeholders to storyboard and create a year-end review video that automatically personalized content at the moment the viewer pressed play. On New Year’s Eve, we delivered the video via email to 3.4 million members, each video dynamically personalized for each individual.  

With Predictive Email, Wylei adapts to each open by automatically assembling the best-fit message -- dramatically increasing engagement.

The Project: Boosting email clicks for Marriott Rewards

The Client Challenge: A method to deliver earn, burn, and learn content to the right people at the right time to boost email engagement.

The Wylei Solution: Implemented a Predictive Content™ portal that autonomously tested each content option, discovered the best content for different members and devices and swapped in best-odds content in real-time for each view.

Our goal with this approach is to optimize Facebook video content to increase engagement.  

The Project: Fairy Tales Hair Care, a multinational company specializing in professional hair care for children, wanted to promote their lice prevention product via Facebook ads.

The Client Challenge: The company had one video and a pre-defined audience to target. They currently run video campaigns on Facebook and wanted to see a boost in conversion rates.

The Wylei Solution: We were able to rapidly test and optimize the elements of their Facebook video ad, including pre and post-rolls, scenes, overlays, audio, sequence, promos, CTAs, and more.  

Wylei was founded over 3 years ago, and in that short period of time we’ve achieved incredible progress toward our goal of setting a new standard in the digital marketing industry.

From validating and launching our product with high caliber Fortune 500 business clients, to securing several millions of dollars in investment money, 2017 is slated to be a watershed year for our company.

Here’s an at-a-glance look at just a few of our most notable accomplishments so far:

Patents & IP
The Wylei Optimization Cloud™ is built upon technology that was awarded a US patent for an electronic messaging system involving dynamic content assembly.

Not only has Wylei won over the hearts and minds of our ever-expanding client base, but we’ve also demonstrated that investors believe in our technology, our team and our mission.

Wylei was founded in 2013, when a group of investors and innovators came together around an idea to leverage AI and Machine Learning to improve digital marketing results, launching Wylei on the path towards digital marketing innovation.

Since then, Wylei has raised $6.2 million through leading investment organizations such as Innoventures Fund I, LLC., Osage Venture Partners, LP and Aspire Ventures, LLC as well as several others.

Wylei was also accepted into the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s Edison Innovation VC Growth Fund designed to support emerging NJ corporations.

Additional Investor Information and Details are available to qualified investors.  Please reach out to us if you’re a qualified investor interested in learning more.

Want to learn more about Wylei and their vision for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

  • 20-year career in healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and technology
  • Founded, led, and successfully exited 4 companies. Wylei is Meg’s fifth startup
  • Inverse Mobile | Founder, sold to EY
  • Oncology.com | Founder, sold to Pharmacia and Upjohn
  • CBS Healthwatch | Founder, led to IPO then sold to WebMD
  • HealthTech Digital Communications | Founder, sold to Interpublic Group
  • Received 20+ awards | HBA 2014 Luminary Award, Top 40 Healthcare Transformers, NJBIZ Top 50 Women in Business 2017 and more.

  • 36 years in the financial services industry
  • Garden State Securities | Former CFO
  • First Montauk Securities Corp. | Former CFO & Financial & Operations Principal
  • Broza, Block & Rubino (now part of JH Cohn) | Former Tax Partner
  • Estate and Financial Planning Council of Central New Jersey | Former President
  • Monmouth University | BS in Accounting

  • Long track record as a technical master and problem solver across the latest web and data tech.
  • TapJS | Founder, acquired by AppMobi in 2011
  • SUNY Buffalo State | Bachelor’s in CIS, magna cum laude

  • Experience creating business transformation and enablement with companies focused on growth
  • Enabling Investments, LLC | Founder
  • Hibu | Former Global Transformation Director
  • CSC | Principal Founded Global REACH Practice launching CSC’s Global Chemical Regulatory & Sustainability Practice
  • William Way | Board of Directors and Strategic Planning Committee Chair
  • SIM Women | Executive Leadership Council

  • Extensive transformational leadership training
  • Expertise leading enterprise-wide, high-profile projects in the public and private sectors
  • Advanced project management experience with CMS, CRS, rebranding initiatives, and grant management systems.
  • Former Managing Director for Atlanta-based education fund
  • Senior level project management positions with Chicago public schools and Chicago housing authority.

  • Served in senior management roles at leading magazines such as BusinessWeek, US News & World Report and was integral in launching Fast Company.
  • Played a pivotal role in the creation of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
  • VP role at Infoseek, which was later sold to Disney.
  • Developed key verticals for AOL, managing more than $400M in revenue per year
  • SVP of Corporate Sales and Marketing at Time Inc.
  • SVP of Advertiser Solutions at Collective, where she established strategic partnerships with agencies and brands revolving around all areas of digital and programmatic.
  • Partner at Mass x Speed, consultants to media companies, clients, and agency executives who are navigating difficult industry transitions.

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