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xMD Diagnostics, Inc.: Fast Facts

xMD Diagnostics is a personalized medicine diagnostics company whose breakthrough platform technology improves the ability to diagnose genetic cancers.

xMD is developing a line of laboratory instruments and consumables for use by diagnostic labs and researchers.

The Backstory

One of the Co-founders of xMD Diagnostics was contacted and asked to meet with researchers at NIH who had developed a breakthrough technology to rapidly and cheaply remove large volumes of tumor cells from cancer biopsy slides, the very first step required for DNA and genetic studies. This technology is exclusively licensed worldwide from NIH and forms the basis for the company.

Problem of Quality/Quantity

The practice of removing tumor cells by razor blade is crude & highly inaccurate because more often than not, the cancer cells are damaged or an insufficient number of tumor cells are extracted, often contaminated with other biological material.

Up to 15-20% of molecular diagnostic tests fail at DNA analysis due to insufficient quantity or quality of targeted tumor cells. These failed genetic tests put patients at risk of no-diagnosis, misdiagnosis, repeat biopsies, and additional time and out-of-pocket costs.

The xMD technology is highly accurate, fast and affordable.

Saving Time and Money

xMD enables the automated and targeted removal of tumor cells from biopsy slides with a technology platform that can be applied to all major cancer types including lung, breast, prostate, colorectal, pancreatic, among others.

Cells are removed from biopsy slides through a patented process that eliminates the razor blade scrape technique. Eliminating the razor blade scrape is the first step to providing pure/enriched tumor cells from biopsies and is required for successful molecular diagnosis and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing, which in turn determines cancer treatment.

Our proprietary technology uses a high intensity light to melt a thin polymer film over the stained cells of interest.  The film is then removed, pulling the cells of interest with it, and creating an enriched sample of cells for downstream molecular analysis.  The whole process of microdissection takes less than a few minutes.

How It Works

xMD helps detect cancer genes by isolating the cells of interest (the tumor cells)

xMD is Motivated

xMD Diagnostics has developed a working prototype and has contracted with an established medical device manufacturer to build the first-generation commercial product and design the single-use consumable slide cartridge.

Raised $1,655,000 in total: in equity ($1.265), notes ($200k) and grants ($190k)
Gore Range Capital (NYC) is the lead investor

Ironclad Patent Protection: 8 Issued
Patents plus 2 pending. Patent protection until 2037.

Publications by leading researchers in the field

xMD instrument & consumables will be manufactured by a well-established medical device manufacturer.

xMD is Broadly Applicable

xMD Diagnostic’s  technology is fundamental to many applications in biological research which are at the cutting edge of science.  Selectively isolating specific cells from pathology slides used to be an esoteric application reserved for specialized labs. Now  xMD can enable any lab with the advantage of using microdissection.

xMD Publications Validate the
Value of Targeted Microdissection

xMD Press Releases

Meet The xMD Management Team

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