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Through a social media-integrated, campaign-based platform, xocial® brings together an entire online community of do-gooders competing to see who can do the most social good while earning awesome perks and rewards in the process.

When users complete challenges, they help bring attention to important causes while earning XP, or xocial® gaming points. These points are used to calculate the user’s overall XO score that’s displayed on their profile to show off their good side and ignite the spirit of competition in a game where everyone ultimately wins!

At the same time, xocial® delivers real ROI and impact metrics for charity campaigns, brand engagement, and corporate social responsibility initiatives by recognizing, inspiring, and rewarding those who make a positive social impact on the world.

Moms, dads, kids, companies, charities, schools, hospitals, offices, hockey teams, neighborhood groups, you name it—anyone can organize and participate in a xocial® campaign.

The future of philanthropy is here, and xocial® is leading the way. Let the good begin.

Whether at home, in the office, or across the community, xocial® is a simple and fun way for cause-conscious, kind-hearted individuals and socially-responsible business alike to make a difference.

That’s exactly why xocial® is gamifying goodness to help...

With xocial®, our goal is to bring out the best in people by encouraging what we like to call “Competitive Kindness®.” Because it’s our personal philosophy that the healthiest form of competition is the drive to make the biggest difference.

By putting the phenomenon of social media to more productive use, we’re making that goal a reality.

Each campaign organizer decides whether they want to offer prizes or special recognition for top-scoring participants. Because if doing your part didn’t feel good enough already, the possibility of scoring free swag serves as a nice added bonus! 

Don’t see a campaign you love? No problem! Start your own campaign that’s inspired by something you’re fiercely passionate about.

Creating better parents, friends, coworkers, bosses, businesses, and citizens is a communal effort. Which is why the true beauty of xocial® is our community includes anyone, anywhere!

At Home
Whether it’s skyping grandma and grandpa, surprising the neighbor with a family-coordinated meal, and everything in between, xocial® makes it easy for families to learn, help, bond, and have fun together in the spirit of Competitive Kindness®.

At Work
Get greater engagement and measurable results from contest and event-type activities and challenges (“help at a local food bank,” “take the stairs all day”) by putting it online with xocial®. Competitive Kindness® fuels the fun, whether your campaign is every person for themselves or pits departments or teams against each other.

At School
A unique classroom management tool that helps teachers run fun and easy character education programs. Use technology to teach learning skills and grow a whole new generation of do-gooders!

Emma signed up on xocial® because one of her friends shared a campaign on Facebook.

“...I had just completed a challenge for a campaign called #Earthspired -- we were writing inspirational environmental quotes on scraps of used paper, taping them up in random places, and tweeting out a pic. Well, that was enough to increase my XO score to 150 and I got this really cute popup on my xocial® page saying congratulations. Then I got a message from my favorite company saying I could get a free t-shirt because my XO score was 150. Boo yah!”

David’s boss thought xocial® would be a neat way to build a positive workplace culture so he signed up and created a private campaign for his company.

“Each department had to come up with 10 challenges and they turned out to be a little crazy and a lot of fun (think lunch-hour ukulele lessons). The person who completed the most challenges earned a day off with pay, which was sweet.

...I happened to tell my wife about it and she was all over it. She thought it would be a great way to develop community consciousness and build character in our kids.

She figured it would be easy enough to do Challenge 3 and get the students to clean up the school grounds on a Saturday (I brought the girls and they loved hanging out with the big kids). The students who were on xocial® got points for doing it. The students who weren’t on xocial® wanted points so they signed up. Kids today.

But I’m gonna tell you, my wife loved it when her go-to athleisure brand gave her a $10 coupon…”

The xocial® team has already completed much of the heavy-lifting in our mission to make creating impactful social good easier and more fun than ever! Here’s a look at some of our biggest milestones to date.

Product Development
We’ve deployed our social network components and campaign development wizard and have added a subscription model to private campaigns. We also have frameworks in place for Facebook pay-per-action (PPA), xocial® campaign PPA, and related sponsor placement.

We ran a 3-month pilot with AARP, one of the biggest lobbying groups in the US boasting nearly 38 million members. We’ve been asked to submit a proposal for an annual subscription for 2,000 employees and to integrate into AARP’s Yammer environment -- an enterprise social networking service like Slack. Future opportunities include using xocial® in AARP’s Rewards for Good program.

Organizational Culture Group
OCG is using xocial® for a project with Kaiser Permanente, an integrated managed care consortium with over 18,000 employees. OCG has a client list that includes Burger King, Fairmont Hotels, Manulife Financial, and IBM.

Givkwik has a roster of over 500 nonprofits, has engaged more than 25 million people, and has processed over 8 million in grants. As a pilot, xocial® gamification elements were integrated into the All Stars of Giving campaign that featured sports icons like Mike Ditka, Boomer Esiason, Warren Moon, Hannah Storm, Malcolm Jenkins, and Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

Charter for Compassion
Founded by acclaimed scholar, bestselling author, and TED Prize winner Karen Armstrong, Charter for Compassion International has signed off on using xocial® PPA to engage their membership and social media following which can reach 125,000 visitors per week on Facebook.

Patents & IP
We have received a provisional patent on XO Score Calculation and have been awarded trademarks for the xocial® wordmark (Canada and US), xocial® word design (Canada & US), XO design (US), and a Competitive Kindness wordmark (Canada and US).

Awards & Recognition
Named to tech.co Top 10 Startups at SXSW and Telus Top 4 Coolest Things We Saw at DX3. Finalist in Innovation Factory’s 2015 Lion’s Lair, 2016 Tech in Motion best startup finalist.

Making Headlines
WXYZ in Detroit, CTV’s App Central, Discovery Channel’s NewsWatchTV, The Feed on SiriusXM, Tech Talk with Marc Saltzman, Toronto Star, referenced in a TED talk, NBC Sports Radio, Dollars & Change, Forbes, and more!

Want to learn more about xocial® and their vision for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

Colin Duetta | CEO & Co-Founder | Colin is an experienced executive and seasoned people whisperer whose level head and strong sense of accountability is the foundation on which several strong, successful organizations have been built. As co-founder and CEO of IOU Concepts, Colin helped bring xocial® from a napkin sketch to a platform with minimum stress and maximum speed. He is also co-founder of digital agency Human_Code that has grown from a two-person shop to a creative powerhouse that’s a regular winner of international awards since 2000. Colin is also co-founder of SPEDASSIST special education-focused software.  

William Courtright | Director of Business Development | Bill is Director of Business Development at Income Store, an Inc. 5000 company, where he develops, coordinates and implements plans designed to increase existing business and capture new opportunities. His previous roles include executive experience at Today’s Growth Consultant. As VP of Marketing, Bill was responsible for spearheading efforts to help mainstream small businesses get practical results from online marketing. As Account Executive, he secured new business for the firm and developed working relationships with clients.  

Michael Salvatori | CXO & Co-Founder | Mike is obsessed with solving problems and does his most creative work under the tightest constraints. In fact, using unconventional thinking to find answers in the most unexpected places has been Mike’s MO throughout his career -- from the time he wrote the wrong math exam at university (and passed) to his current role as CEO of Human_Code. Mike is a skilled networker who believes work should be fun. A loyal business partner whose word is his bond, a thrill seeker who winds down on a motorcycle, and a family man who can always be counted on to cry during his speech at the company Christmas party.

Ken Bentham | Strategic Partnership Director | Ken is a senior executive with more than 18 years of experience executing direct and digital marketing, loyalty and incentive programs, and consumer promotions. Prior to xocial®, Ken co-founded Community Alert, an easy-to-use, robust platform used to track, tag, and enforce pet licenses. He is an avid Competitive Kindness® practitioner and the top Do-Gooder on xocial®.

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