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Members receive a complete, curated outfit monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly -- shipped straight to their doorstep. YogaClub uses Artificial Intelligence to sort customers into Archetypes, driving down manufacturing costs while guaranteeing that each delivery fits our customers’ style and lifestyle.

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Many women have one special exercise outfit. It's the one with soft, breathable fabric. It's the one they can't stop admiring in the gym mirror. It's the one that makes them feel chic, strong, and Instagram-worthy. 

Yes, many of them have one great outfit. That's because one is all they can afford!

We believe that high-quality apparel can transform the workout experience. It can inspire the confidence needed to commit to consistently staying active.

However, finding reasonably priced premium activewear can be a workout in itself. Many women can't afford to shop in high-end boutiques and studio shops. For many who do find stylish pieces that fit their budget, in many cases, those clothes just don't fit.

It should be easier for women to stock up on activewear that inspires them. That's why savvy women are choosing YOGACLUB.

YogaClub helps women find workout clothes they love – without breaking the bank – by shipping them a curated selection of premium, brand name activewear at the frequency that fits their needs and budget.

Each box contains a complete, gym-ready outfit. We’re the ideal alternative to pricey boutiques and studios.

Our in-house-developed Archetype AI program does the heavy lifting -- processing massive amounts of data to ensure that every YogaClub delivery delights and motivates.

Style Quiz. Women signing up for YogaClub take a brief quiz which covers their size, style, activity, and shopping preferences.

Archetypes. Our AI analyzes quiz data and assigns new members to one of four fitness archetypes. Every month, SKU-specific micro-level data points and macro-level trend analysis for fit, fabric, style, color, brand, etc. are combined to create outfits for each archetype.

Feedback. Post-delivery, customers are encouraged to give feedback on each piece. This data is fed into our matching system for future curation.

80% of customers are easily sorted using quiz and feedback data into large Archetype Groups that make outfit curation much easier. Through leveraging AI to continuously build new archetypes and refine existing ones, we are able to unlock economies of scale in both product procurement and curation.

As YOGACLUB continues to grow, our system ensures that our services won’t slow. AI-driven customer service drove our membership maintenance down from $2.85/member to $.48/member.

YogaClub purchases products for each archetype in bulk, driving down production costs while still giving customers a custom, personalized experience. Bulk curation reduces churn by 20% and increases productivity by 25%.

Customer Satisfaction
Implementing Archetype AI curation has driven member satisfaction and a decrease in returns and churn. We have seen satisfaction scores rise to more than a full standard deviation above the mean than with one-to-one hand curation.

Partnerships have allowed us to accommodate a growing membership base of over 25,000+ women and counting. 

Our brand partners benefit from our system through social media exposure and by gaining a new base of active, engaged customers. In return, they provide the discounts that keep those customers coming back for more YogaClub love.

And many more!

We have a diversified marketing strategy that includes paid digital advertising, influencer partnerships, content marketing, PR, and email marketing. We also have partnerships in place with other subscription services and DTC brands to increase our offline exposure.

Partner brands handle manufacturing, with some brands creating exclusive, custom offerings for YogaClub including XL and plus-size items unavailable in stores or online. We are currently 30% owned and operated.

Managed by Fosdick, the third-party logistics used by BarkBox, Casper mattresses and Harry's Razors. 


Giving Back
We’ve partnered with LA's BEST, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, to teach yoga and meditation to children in after-school enrichment programs throughout some of Los Angeles' most underserved communities. For every box delivered, YogaClub provides a yoga and mindfulness class to a child in need.

Scott Yamano - CEO

  • 8-figure liquidity event in 2014 selling unfunded digital media optimization firm Dedicated Media as Co-founder
  • 2 decades of digital media experience, including MySpace and Intermix
  • Awarded the Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year award from alma mater, USC
  • Focused on revenue growth, product and finance

Dave Palmer - COO/Co-founder

  • Liquidity events include: Ubid, eCost, Intermix/Myspace, Dedicated Media
  • 2+ decades of leadership experience within large publicly traded organizations and startups, focusing on multichannel performance media and marketing
  • Focused on technology, marketing, customer service, management and strategy

Nick Nomann - CMO/Co-founder

  • 10 years of media buying and optimization experience; generating over $100M in marketing capital for subscription commerce companies
  • Co-founded marketing growth agency StealthVentureLabs; key contributor to exponential growth of HomeChef
  • USC Marshall School of Business

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