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yot.me: fast facts

Billions of dollars are spent by brands and non-profits annually on experience and event marketing. Yotme has identified a gap between event production, marketing attribution and event outcomes.

Yotme has combined an events production and ticketing platform with a network powered CRM, used by brands and non-profits to turn attendee data into actionable marketing intelligence. 

Apps, Events, Messaging and Telecommunications, Platforms, Software, Community and Lifestyle, Content and Publishing, Information Technology, Mobile, Sales and Marketing, Data and Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Invitations and Ticketing 

U.S. Online Ticketing: $45B. CRM: $35B. Social Advertising: $51B. Event Management Software: $7.5B. Total: $138.5B

Brands and non-profits who leverage any type of events marketing and need better CRM tools to communicate with customers and supporters.

the value of experience marketing

Experience marketing allows consumers to form a deep, personal relationship with brands and non-profits.

This type of marketing fosters lifelong consumers and continuing brand loyalty, however creating, planning, and managing events requires a lot of time and resources. Without the right technology, the chances of missed opportunity greatly increases in the following areas:

  • Feedback and engagement before, during and after the event
  • Incomplete data, reporting, measurement and integration
  • Improper targeting and inviting
  • Under-attendance
  • Underfunding or understaffing 

the key to success:
follow through

When an event ends most of the data walks
out the door, making it 
difficult to continue engagement.

Yotme was created to bridge the gap between engagement marketing and Customer Relations Management (CRM), allowing brands and nonprofits to succeed before, during, and after marketing events. 

Connect brands, sponsors, and attendees in one place

Incorporate social network trends and interface components to fully utilize today’s trend toward a more immediate, interactive, and  ---------- inclusive online experience

Maximize attendee engagement at any point during the event’s lifespan

Incorporate a data-gathering network and intelligence-generating CRM for optimum customer conversion and continuing data analysis

Save time and money by consolidating efforts and resources into one platform

“stronger together”

It’s a well known phrase, but it’s the foundation of Yotme and their ambitious goal. After all, Yot is a verb which means to unite closely. 

Yotme has combined the functionality of four technologies to create a complete platform available on both the web and mobile:

Yotme also has the ability for members to add notes, schedule appointments, add tasks, and manage files.

Together, these four applications reduce advertising costs, increase event success, and create a holistic solution for brands and nonprofits to target, invite, nurture, and convert event invitees into customers. 

traction & accomplishments

Yotme is emerging from beta on January 1st 2019 and is ready for the final push needed to secure a larger user base.

Headway includes: 

Mobile version 4.1.2, which is approximately 70 unique updates. Web platform is on version 2. with over 30 individual updates

Almost 15,000 users attended hundreds of events over the past three years during beta testing and development

  20+ brand and non-profit partners, growing by the week

Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, local non-profits and brands are beginning to use Yotme as a cornerstone for their event marketing needs.  

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