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YouRulz is a fantasy sports platform that moves players closer to “reality” than any previous option.  We’ve made a commitment to capitalizing on the lack of an innovation present in other platforms through “game-like” features that give players more control.

Topping the list is the ability to make In-Game substitutions of underperforming or injured athletes.  Furthermore, our platform’s mobile-first design looks to proactively improve upon the existing functionality issues with other providers’ mobile solutions.

community is clamoring for changes 

You don’t have to be a pro athlete for a shot at sports glory.  The fantasy sports industry has been growing at a double digit annual rate for over a decade now, and appears to be picking up even more speed.

However, this growth masks the widespread discontent among players regarding the top platforms’ lack of innovation - particularly with in-game features.  The community is clamoring for changes that give players more of a realistic, coach-like impact on games.

Take In-Game Substitutions.  When injuries occur to one of your athletes on gameday, existing sites don’t allow for substitutions - which takes skill out of the equation and crushes team performance.  Other pain points that plague top fantasy platforms include:

Many of their interfaces are outdated and have performance issues

Their mobile apps offer just a portion of the web versions’ functionality

They neglect many sports, including auto racing and the Olympics

It’s about time to zero in what’s next and move fantasy sports more towards “reality”.

Enter YouRulz: the fantasy sports platform that finally gives the player more control.  Created by fantasy fanatics, YouRulz is putting an end to the days of simply “playing” fantasy sports through total customization that allows for all-hands-on-deck participation.

Our platform is also being designed as a mobile-first solution from the start - allowing us to sidestep the common issues that exist with other mobile fantasy sports clients.

We’re committed to providing a stable app environment across all operating systems and devices, focused on consistent delivery of real-time gameplay and results.

ahead of the pack

The end result of this developmental excellence is a fantasy sports experience that’s a true reflection of our name: all according to “your rules”.  This starts with the ability to make In-Game Substitutions - a key feature that keeps YouRulz ahead of the pack.

We’re dedicated to being the player’s fantasy platform here at YouRulz.  Unlike others, we’ll continue to evolve based on player requests with features that provide unmatched interaction and customization.  Here are some additional ways we already achieve this:

An automatic substitution feature that will switch out last-minute inactive athletes

Earning points for pass interference penalties against; the penalty info is fed to us and added to your QB and/or pass catchers

The ability to customize the in-game substitution feature to the league’s liking (number of swaps per week, etc.)

Custom play-by-play performance tracking (by fantasy team, player, etc.)

The ability to set your league rules in accordance with real league/association rules (actual player salaries, salary caps, etc.) (Planned for 2019)

Availability of a freemium version, which most other platforms don’t do

Premium and paid league options for more serious player

Some of the top achievements we’ve enjoyed during our company’s early days include:

YouRulz was conceptualized by a group of avid fantasy football players who grew tired of the nonexistence of enhancements among current systems.

With decades of systems development and executive leadership experience under their belts, they then set out to revolutionize fantasy sports - and YouRulz was the result.  Let’s learn more about the duo who now steers our ship:

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