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YouthfulMD: Fast Facts

Dr. Danan, a chiropractor by trade, saw this firsthand in 2020 during the pandemic. Semi-retired after a career spanning more than 30 years, Dr. Danan's experience in managing and operating all types of healthcare businesses was simply unprecedented. They include multi-specialty centers, urgent care, allergy labs, medical spas and now telemed platforms.

With his sights set on anti-aging, he developed YouthfulMD to help provide a robust platform that offers patients the convenience of shopping virtually for the Anti- Aging solution that best fits their healthcare needs.

This Problem Affects Everyone

Aging is a horrible part of life.

But it is a part of it – we will all grow older with time.

No one likes it – it’s an ongoing concern – but it’s an unavoidable factor.

To avoid it, we must go after aging head-on – we must effectively focus on reducing, limiting and delaying aging as much as possible.

Thus, we are all on an anti-aging crusade in which we want to stay younger, feel better and live healthier lives far longer.

That’s the future we crave.

And with our stress at an all-time high following a pandemic that caused great concern – and, perhaps, some gray hairs – the anti-aging market is poised for tremendous growth.

One Incredible Solution

YouthfulMD solves these problems by being designed from the ground up to address all Anti-Aging needs that affect patients' overall health.

We have proudly and purposefully developed a unique approach to Anti-Aging in which it is of a Functional Medicine mindset, where we focus on the root cause of a patients’ ailment and NOT only on their symptomatology.

Others focus on the patient symptomatology as referenced with our competitors Get Roman and For Him, which focus on Erectile Dysfunction and prescribe a pill as their solution of treatment.

Why We’ll Lead

Traction & Accomplishments

YouthfulMD conducted a focus study early on when developing our platform which assisted us in building a platform that would be appealing to patients/customers.

YouthfulMD was also fortunate to attract a celebrity and influencer to join their team. Dr Damon Kimes who is reality TV celebrities on Married to Medicine. The star offers a following of over 1 million followers on his Instagram and has the ability to showcase the YouthfulMD model and onboard physicians for our licensing programs.

An Essential Partnership

YouthfulMD is proud to partner with A4M (The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), an organization dedicated to ongoing education and improvement. To ensure that we always provide the latest, most effective treatments for our patients, we hold certifications with and continue to receive training and education from:

Youthful MD physicians are required to participate in A4M/MMI’s advanced network of continuing medical education opportunities, including traditional CME events, intensives curriculum-based courses, university-level certification programs, in-depth workshops, and more to assure the highest quality of care.

Meet The Team

Offer Danan | Chief Executive Office

  • Oversees daily operations, project planning, and special events, working closely with each program coordinator
  • Manages personnel (recruitment, hiring, training, evaluation and termination of staff)
  • Develops and manages the annual budget for board approval together with the Medical Director and Billing and Collection Manager
  • Implements a full marketing strategy and establishes outsource partnerships
  • Implements an internet marketing strategy (including SEO, PPC and Google Places)
  • Advises on all website changes and improvement
  • Develops network of support within the community 

Trent Cobble | Director of Operation, COO

  • Accountable for the aggregate plan and delivery of systems, operations, properties and maintenance, and the general operating model of YMD
  • Leverage the advantages of bringing together the operational expertise and drive through more efficient ways of working
  • Ensure strategic objectives shaped at Executive Management level are translated into tactical business plans with mechanisms for key measurements in place to monitor progress

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