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YOYO is an on-demand pay-per mile car subscription service. We like to think of ourselves as the Netflix of cars.

With our subscription service, you can drive any car you want and swap any time yours needs changed. Which means you get to drive the right car for the right occasion. Think of it as your own on-demand fleet of cars with none of the hassles of ownership, and half the cost of the car you own now. So, no more worries about car payments, insurance payments, repair bills, DMV registration, parking at the airport, etc.



$1.5T annual market poised for subscription service

Big box retailer partnership to scale nationwide

1000+ signed up for YOYO service nationwide

Capital efficient model - SaaS economics in age old industry



The problem we see if that the car industry is stuck here...

whereas, today's consumers are here

Instead of being the symbol of ultimate freedom, our cars have become a burden. Buying a car today gives you the privilage of spending a lot more money on a bunch of disjointed and disaggregated services.

Cost and convenience
Do you know what your car actually costs you every month? Or how much you pay for each mile you drive? When asked about their monthly car costs, most people only consider their car payment, which on average is around $482. But that $482 isn't the whole cost to own that car - far from it. 

We almost always overlook all the other sneaky car-related leaks from ourwallets. We have license feeds, registration fees and taces. We need to buy insurance, fill the gas tank, go in for regular maintenance. And our cars lose value from depreciation every single day we own it, regardless of whether we drive it or not.

We have unwittingly become our cars' general contractors, forced to constantly re-organize and schedule things so our cars stay functional (and legal).

These other costs could well end up doubling our out-of-pocket expenses. That's NUTS! Especially given the fact that we drive our cars, on average, 56 minutes a day - that's just 4% of the time!

That's why we created YOYO: The revolutionary new on-demand service giving drivers everywhere a better alternative to car ownership.

YOYO provides on-demand, pay-per-mile access to an entire fleet of personal vehicles at a far less cost and without any of the hassles that come with traditional car ownership -- empowering car owners to ditch their cars while keeping their freedom.

Modern customer values of convenience, simplicity, immediacy, and flexibility are in conflict with today's service providers. Consumers today are forced to use their cars as "all-purpose" vehicles, no matter if commuting alone to work or taking the whole family to the beach. It's one-size-fits-none approach.

YOYO, on the other hand, gives our members the flexibility to choose the right car for the right need at the right time, delivered right to their doorstep on demand via smartphones. The Millenial crowd are more than willing to adopt an intelligent alternative car-as-a-utility model such as YoYo that they can turn on and off on demand.

We've built a subscription platform that allows the entire car industry to plug in. We're attaching today's broken car consumption model and unifying consumer experiences with a one-stop-service approach that will be the future of the car industry.

With YoYo, you can take a sedan to the office during the week, trade it for an SUV for the family camping trip over the weekend, and then swap it out for a convertible to escort your better half on a swanky night out on the town. All in the same week. 


YOYO provides you with flexible access to an entire fleet of cars for less than cost of owning. Our on-demand white-glove concierge service delivers the right car for the right occasion right to your door.

All it takes is 1-click, super-fast sign up from our mobile app using your social credentials, and we make it easier than ever to begin reaping all of the many benefits that YOYO offers.



There are over 100 million households in the US who own 250 million cars. We collectively spend over $1.5 TRILLION (yes, that's a T) on our cars. We started YOYO because we believe that as much as a third of this money that we consumers spend is just fat in a ridiculously inefficient system. To add insult to injury, it's a rigged system and the inefficiencies are totally artificial.

People have been choking down this bitter pill for decades. But today's consumers have drastically different needs and expectations. They demand increased simplicity and sharing economics. They value their time over physical assets, and they would much rather just ACCESS a car when they need it instead of dealing with headahes that come with OWNING it. 

We are the next natural step in the evolution of cars.

Phase I was the short-term, expensive end of the market - taxi disruption by Uber and Lyft. This is what all the fuss is about.

Phase II was peer-to-peer and online marketplaces. This was primarily noise with the crowd fighting for scraps with incremental, not disruptive plays.

Phase III is the long-term-use end of the market and is wide open. There's an opportunity for YOYO to create the next Uber in this phase of automotie disruption.

And that's where YOYO comes in. We're stepping in to take advantage of this massive personal vehicle market opportunity and be the first to drive innocation into a space in desperate need of an upgrade.


We have built an asset-free business model that allows corporate partners such as auto manufacturers, car rental firms and dealerships plug into our car subscription platform by contributing cars and capital in return for recurring cash flow. Our partners provide the assets, and we operate the software and data layer to provide the service to our members. This model allows us to enjoy software industry economics in an age-old-hardware-based industry.


We believe what we've built will revolutionize how we consumer cars. We invite you to take a closer look at what we're doing.

We're working with a large big-box retail partner to take this service nationwide, and are raising funds to help launch a pilot program in the SF Bay Area with this strategic partner.

We have a rock solid team that is 100% behind this effot. Given the gray hair and decades of experience each of us brings to the table, we are uniquely qualified to disrupt this massive $1.5 trillion industry.

Our world-class network of investors, advisors and partners is supporting us in revolutionizing the 100-year old broken car industry.

We are senior level guys who have built long careers building disruptive things and successfully bringing them to market. With YOYO, we're now doing this on a truly massive scale.

Customers are voting their wallets. From hundreds of conversations we've had over the last year with folks around the country, our model resonates with everyone. People are dying to have a service like this.

Now we want YOU to be a part of this revolution!

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