Zaki Kabob House

Halal Quality Food with emphasis on the local community


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Quick Pitch

Zaki Foods Inc.  is a local Restaurant and Catering company serving 100% high quality Halal Middle Eastern cuisine  in Albany and the surrounding cities within a ten mile radius. As a Family Business established in 2008, we have operated a catering kitchen and specialized in full-service casual dining and some  event planning in the region both at client sites and at event spaces.

The business has become well known for its emphasis on community oriented events such as local school PTA fundraisers, charity events to benefit certain areas in the Middle East such as Syria, as well as other tragic events in the United States.  Zaki Kabob House has also had a number of PR pieces in major local newspapers. 

In the interest in adhering to Islamic values and Principals, the restaurant does not serve Alcoholic beverages or any Pork products

Product/Service Details

Zaki Foods INC. currently offers the following products and services:

  • Catering Service
  • A variety of less well known Middle Eastern cuisine for  lunches, dinners, and appetizers
  • Casual Table service

Traction & Accomplishments

Zaki Kabob House is a family business that aquired the Property at 1101 San Pablo Ave. in Albany in 2008 via a lease agreement.  The proerty had been the  sight of many restaurant failures, some packing up within months after opening.   As we were making rennovations local residents around the location, surprised that we were opening yet another restaurant in this location, came over and warned us that this place was cursed, and wondered why we would ever open a restaurat here.

Knowing the amount of risk involved, our family knew that in order for this business to be successful it would need a major interior overhaul, and emphasis on enagmentment in the local community, and innnovative marketing to help it grow.  

And it worked!  We have been open since 2008,  the longest any other restaurant has been in that location.  We have welcomed the community into our family business by way of fundraisers, community apprciation events and not to mention Great Chicken!

 Some Zaki Kabob House notable mentions:

The Eastbay Express

How We're Different

Zaki Kabob House's major difference lies in the heavy orientation on  community engagement.  We are always involved in fundraising activities. One of which is 10% of our dine in revenue on Mondays goes to the Local Library, every Monday.

Other events are community appreciation day held once a year where our restaurant sets up a play ground and a petting zoo for customers where 10% of funds generated go to the Albany Education Fund or to Albany School Cares

Another Point of difference is our  Kabob Club loyalty program that tracks purchases and rewards customers who come with dollar off certificates every time they reach a milestone such as a specific dollar amount of purchases, as well as discounts and gifts on their birthdays, and anniversaries  

We also provide award winning specialty menu items and recipes, some of which are proprietary to our family version of the recipe such as Zaki's Rotisserie chicken made from our own secret recipe and the Mint Lemonade also made from our own secret recipe just to name a few menu items

In addition Zaki provides its customers with nightly specials some of which are lesser known regional middle eastern foods that for the most part are found at very few Middle Eastern restaurants

Use of Funds

 Our Family Corporation seeks to receive funding in the amount of 700,000 for a great opportunity of purchasing the building that houses our main restaurant operations as well as capital to fund service improvements and ambiance 

About the Team

Ramzy Ayyad

San Francisco State B.S. Business Administration, Concentration in Managment 

After Graduating in 2008 I decided to help out in the family business, acquiring and welcoming more and more responsibilities as time passed.


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