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What We Do

What if your business card contained more data than just what was printed in ink? And, what if you could know who had viewed your business card and what actions they took? Did they visit your website? Did they read your blog? With ZebraCards, now you can! The QR Code has been implemented on business cards to-date merely as a means to enhance the recipient's experience--offering more data, making it easy to scan, etc. But ZebraCard.me offers value both to the recipient as well as the giver of the business card. ZebraCard.me creates a QR code or barcode for your business card that points to a URL where each user's interaction with your business card data is tracked. If they download your vcard, you'll know. If they read your blog, you'll know.

How It Works

ZebraCard.me offers far more than merely embedding a website or a vcard into a QR code and affixing it to your business card. ZebraCard.me works by storing such data, and more, at a tracked location and logging any user's interaction with it. Now, applying a QR code to your business card is not just for the recipient any more. We provide value to the business professional distributing the business card, not just the recipient. Our goal is to establish integrations with card scanning applications. The more software applications that recognize ZebraCard codes on business cards and consume contact data from ZebraCard.me, the more analytic value we can deliver for our users. Publishers of card scanning software can consume detailed data from ZebraCard.me that allows them to: validate or supplant any attempts at OCR data retrieval, alert their users if the card they are scanning is out-of-date, and collect far more data for their users than the card itself contains.

History, Traction, & Why We're Raising

ZebraCard.me is a spin-off from AddressTwo. AddressTwo is an established CRM software company with over 10,000 users. Recent efforts to add or integrate card scanning functionality for our users led down the path to creating ZebraCard.me. Currently, ZebraCard.me is ready to use in beta. Users can create cards, use their barcodes, and view analytics data on their business card. We are raising money to fund the costs to establish much-needed integrations with the major providers of business card scanning software. In order to provide ample value for our users, it is imperative that we get card scanning programs to begin consuming our data.

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Why Buy / How We're Different

The ZebraCard.me value proposition boils down to data in all directions. Business professionals will get more data on the performance of the business cards in circulation than ever before possible. Card scanning applications can increase the accuracy and breadth of data that their application provides. Who will buy? The data described above will be offered for free. Our monetization strategy revolves around major account sales. Large corporations, network marketing organizations, direct sales networks, and other large groups of business-card-carrying salespersons will have the ability to purchase aggregated data from their full staff. They can know both the individual performance of each salesperson as well as the effectiveness of varied strategies in their face-to-face sales efforts.

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