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Zoondy is a revolutionary online marketplace -- the one and only place to buy and sell peer-to-peer business expertise. You can think of us as Amazon.com meets Linkedin for executive level skills and know-how.

Zoondy is inline with the massive shift in workers from fulltime to independent contractors, the so called " Liquid Workforce" by disrupting the antiquated concept of “employment.”

Zoondy is set to capture the cream of the crop of executive-level business experts by applying a commodity brokerage engine with a form of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to build a system to efficiently match individuals skill sets with opportunities, making it possible for seasoned executives to market their expertise in 4 unique ways. Our marketplace is 100% built and beta tested, having gone through several thousand testers and multiple rounds of revisions -- we’re ready to scale to the whole world!

Join the Zoondy revolution!

From a job-seekers perspective, it’s frustrating dealing with hiring managers and human resources who act as a bottleneck in the application process. Who knows if someone in your desired department will ever see your application, and who knows if you’ll ever even hear back about the position.

This is a tired system that is thankfully dying.

In the past few years, we have seen the rise of a number of low-paying “gig marketplaces” for short term, often creative work. What has been sorely lacking is a high-end executive-level business skills marketplace for the cream of the crop in the business world. Zoondy isn’t “design a logo for my business for five bucks,” it’s “use your executive talent to make my business dominate the market.”

Instead of looking on job boards for you next opportunity, let the opportunities come to you on Zoondy.

You think the current resume and recruiting system actually results in the best person getting the job? Think again. For high-level talent, the only true marketplace that rewards the best of the best is Zoondy.

Take control of your career growth and choose Zoondy where, as your expertise, reputation, and reviews grow, the higher salaries and more interesting projects will as well.

Zoondy also helps companies downsize because they know that they can quickly ramp up expertise through our marketplace for new projects rather than maintain full-time employees idling between major projects. Zoondy is synonymous with efficiency.

As we match buyers and sellers, we work with both parties to ensure optimum fit, safe payment processing, and maximum marketing.

Our user’s Zoondy Ratings will be more valuable than their resume as it accurately reflects verified past achievements and reviews from clients. With Zoondy, those who do not want to participate in the inefficient corporate rat race can still find meaningful employment.

After we help you find your perfect match, Zoondy also handles the entire transaction from securing the funds to creating the contracts. Fraud prevention was a major factor in our development process and safeguards were developed to minimize the chance of individuals “gaming the system.” The use of proprietary algorithms, admin oversight, and transparent accounting ensure that user transactions are secure, fair, and verifiable.

Until a month ago, 45-year-old Thomas was a vice president at a large financial institution. He specialized in debt re-structuring and capital markets for Fortune 1,000 companies in the $500 million to $1 billion range. He was laid off due to company mergers. Thomas wants to stay on top of his game, make money, and make sure he remains known in the industry. On Zoondy, Thomas offers his expertise to past clients who always loved his work as well as new clients. For his past clients, working with Thomas through Zoondy actually saves them money as they avoid the high overhead charged by his former firm.

Alice, 35, was a high profile executive in a marketing strategy firm. When her daughter was born, she took maternity leave and PTO to be at home with her baby. Now, 12 months later, she’s eager to get back to work, but not to give up all the time she’s had with her daughter. With Zoondy, Alice can have the best of both worlds by finding contract work that she can do from home. Her connections and past achievements guarantee her new clients worldwide; she's even able to generate a higher annual income than she did before by charging high per-project rates. Alice now has full control over her work/life balance and gets to spend much more time with her family.

Zoondy.com is fully developed, tested, and currently has over 500 users.

We have a patent pending on our Collaborative Solicitation Engine, basically a reverse Kickstarter. Rather than an individual offering a product or service and then trying to drum up support from the public to raise funds, we’ve built a system that allows multiple individuals to propose a product or service and pool their funds to entice different groups to vie for the opportunity to use their service or make the product a reality. All of the initial investors maintain a small portion of the ownership of the final product or service. Only Zoondy subscribers will be permitted to propose and raise funds.

Another huge differentiator between Zoondy and other contract work platforms is our ability to match buyers and sellers without human interaction. Our algorithms are more sophisticated than other platforms, allowing us to offer superior matching and brokering services at a lower cost. Zoondy is extremely scalable because of this.

Members of the Zoondy team have spent the majority of their careers working for Fortune 1,000 companies and larger. It was at these companies that they all noticed the incredible waste of talent due to corporate layoffs or mismanagement at the top. They knew there had to be a better way. If all of this wasted talent was harnessed, what good it could do?

Gordon is a veteran entrepreneur, spending 19 years working for financial services and new media startups, founding three of them himself. His experience runs the gamut from Director of Knowledge Management of a Fortune 100 financial services company, to EVP of Marketing for Patriarch Partners portfolio companies, as well as Director of Program Management and Client Partner for new media companies, all with managed accounts and projects valued between $2.5MM and $10MM. Mr. Gooch has been interviewed on CNN, MSNBC, WTTG, The Bob Pritchard Radio Show on Voice America Radio, and Business Rockstars Radio with Ken Rutowski. He has also been featured in Glamour magazine, American Photo Magazine, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Connected Photographer magazines.

Claire is a marketing manager and business development professional with 10 years of experience in marketing/PR. She manages all marketing and branding efforts for Zoondy.

Adam is the lead developer for Zoondy.com. He manages a team of developers and QA specialists. He is the founder of Grossman Interactive, and has almost 20 years experience as a developer for large scale ecommerce and specialty sites like Stila, Posh Mommy, and Lowes.

Scott provides a depth of experience in managing startups and raising funding for projects. He’s spent 24 years in leadership positions in the tech and software sectors and knows the pitfalls and strategy needed to succeed. Executive leadership with decades of experience at public and private technology companies that have defined or redefined markets in security, networking and big data analytics. CEO and sales executive experience in private equity backed and publicly traded companies. Leadership experience ranges from managing early stage, venture backed start-ups to large global teams. Business experience spans six continents with high tech leaders based in Silicon Valley and around the globe. Currently the CEO of BayWolf Security

Snow is well recognized in the executive talent search industry and her expertise is regularly engaged to assist Fortune 500 to Fortune 100 companies deal with talent acquisition issues. Her knowledge of the niche executive talent market is invaluable to Zoondy. She has experience running her own company, Krem Group, and in raising funding for projects and companies.

Josh Lawler, Partner at Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP. Mr Lawler’s practice focuses primarily on corporate and intellectual property transactions including mergers and acquisitions, joint venture transactions, technology and media licensing transactions, corporate and securities law and general corporate/transactional counsel services. Prior to joining Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP, Mr. Lawler practiced as a corporate attorney in the Los Angeles office of the international law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meaghar & Flom LLP

Les is a senior level leadership development and talent management expert specializing in executive level human resource issues. He has worked for some of the largest companies globally such as McGraw Hill, BNP Paribas-France, Credit Suisse, and Atlantic Health Care System. He is also a leadership coach at the Yale School of Management.

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