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Clear Garment is an algorithm that identifies, recognizes, scans and matches garment patterns. The garment patterns are transformed into digital data, then compares the garment in question; to those held in a database.

There are a lot of challenges associated
with or that can be solved by garments.

Clear Garment solves these problems with an algorithm that identifies, recognizes, scans and matches garment patterns. The garment patterns are transformed into digital data, then compares the garment in question to those held in a database and within the Internet.

These automated systems can be used to identify, scan and match individuals' clothing in just a few seconds based on clothing patterns:

All garments are unique. This uniqueness is considered the fabric's fingerprints and Clear Garment identifies these patterns.

Suppose a man robs a store and flees. The cops are called by the store owner to investigate and look through the camera footage. While the police officers are looking through the camera footage, they notice that the facial features are distorted, but the clothing the robber was wearing is clearly viewed. Therefore, the officer takes the still images from the camera footage and uploads into the Clear Garment software. Then, Clear Garment scans and matches the clothing patterns that are stored in its database and/or internet and deliver results in a matter of SECONDS, not weeks or months.

Clear Garment uses computer vision and machine learning (CV/ML). The algorithm is a traditional computer vision (as in public surveillance).

Clear Garment identifies the fabric that is in question and finds visual patterns (logo/color combinations and placement).

The user(s) of Clear Garment will be able to scan and upload (fabrics/clothing) in its database and/or internet to find a match with similar patterns. The matches are then automatically categorized by manufacturer, suppliers and percentages of likely matches.

The algorithm continues to search and scan the garment that's in question, long after the results are delivered; to achieve a 90-95% accuracy and/or match.

Clear Garment has the capability to find in its database and match all fabrics, for example, law enforcement’s crime evidence, forensics, major league sports: clothing, jerseys, shorts, uniforms, shoes and equipment.

We have developed and tested the proof of concept. Also, we have began to develop and achieve applications and infrastructure monitoring. This service will provide customers the ability to have complete information about their application/IT infrastructure at any moment in time, including the ability to review archive data for any previous point in time.

We are going to improve the turnaround time and place the results directly in front of the users' cell phone and PCs with instant results. The user can scan the garment that's in question and instantly identify the origin of the garment in question. There are endless possibilities, and we will provide them to our customers and investors.

Our early success is already gaining traction – Real Game Used, LLC and AlectoForensics, LLC have agreed to upload to and test our software for future purchase.


  • 15+ years Management professional that has successfully led project teams and sustained 3 corporate projects successfully from conception to generating revenue and now they are exceeding yearly forecasts
  • Created/developed a quality systems program that is being used in over 100 facilities worldwide
  • Have submitted 5 patentable ideas/concepts and 2 are patent pending


  • 12+ years in IT; effective knowledge and experience in developing analysis and reporting deliverables for R&D projects (data, analysis, tables, graphics, listings)
  • Designs and develops prototypes
  • Has strong knowledge of the software development environment and associated tools. (i.e. Visual Studio, Perforce, JIRA...)
  • Ability to complete statistical programming deliverables through the use of global outsource partner programming staff
  • Excellent knowledge on Unix (AIX) or Linux operating system, Business Analysis, Business Knowledge, Software Engineering Leadership, Architecture Knowledge and Technical Solution Design

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