A ground-effect craft; the solution to high-speed travel over water


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Why go through the water ...

                                                                  when you can go over it

(Watch The Original L325 Craft Video)

SeaWing® Ground-Effect Craft*:   The Solution to High-Speed Travel Over Water

  • Efficient winged vehicles (low fuel consumption, low cost/seat-mile)
  • Operating at a limited height (half a wing span)
  • Causing pressure under the wings: "ground-effect"  
  • Causes the lift to increase & drag to decrease
  • Registered With US Coast Guard as a Boat
  • No Pilot's License Required

* Flarecraft® is our generic name for ground-effect craft.  The 'L325 Flarecraft®  is Flarecraft® Corporation's first ground-effect craft.  SeaWing® is the new design.


Development History

L325 R&D History

At a cost in excess of $20 million, Flarecraft® Corporation has assembled a team of leading experts in the fields of composite design, prototyping, manufacturing, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and management.  In the process of developing and testing the L325 Craft, the Company worked with Messerschmitt Bolkow Blum (now Deutsche Aerospace) in Europe, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Corporation, Peterson Builders, Inc., and Merrifield-Roberts, Inc., to develop and test market ten of its original L325 design ground-effect craft; from 2-seat ultra-light to 6-seat carbon fiber vehicles.



At an additional cost of over $6.5ml, and over 24,000 hours of design, engineering & testing, including over 1,000 CFD computer model simulations, six 1/4-scale RC models, two 1/3 scale RC models, and one half-scale RC model (SSWD12), tested over 24 weeks of sea trials, SeaWing® was born.  

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Technology Breakthrough

SeaWing® technology solved the fundamental aerodynamic problem of ‘pitch-up’, while uniquely increasing lift (18%) and stability in ground-effect; with a lighter, easier, and less expensive configuration to fabricate. 

Large Markets

2.0 billion passengers/year use traditional slow ferries

New Markets: Pods

  • A new market of floating structures is developing called ‘Pods’; with major participants like Peter Thiel (SeaSteading Institute), Dubai (Palm picture above), China, and many other major investors.  Pods currently come in numerous forms: homes, resorts, hotels, cities & countries, to name a few. 
  • Flarecraft will solve a fundamental problem for Pods: access; by replacing high-cost seaplanes, helicopters, and slow boats - with fast, comfortable, cost-effective, high-speed transportation over water – making access easy, cheap, & fun. 
  • The market for Pods is projected to be very large, presenting a tremendous opportunity for SeaWing® craft.

USCG & FAA Certifications

Not Regulated by FAA
By letter response, the General Counsel of the Federal Aviation Administration has concluded that, "... a Flarecraft® (as described by FC) is not an aircraft ... and is therefore not subject to regulation by the FAA".  


Coast Guard Certification 
The Craft
comply with the USCG ‘Six Pack’ rule for uninspected vehicles, which means the USCG will not stop and inspect this smaller ferry craft category.  The L325 design passed the USCG ‘Structural Certification’, ‘Fire Retardation Systems’, and ‘Pilot Training’ regulations – in addition to developing a proposal for the ‘Rules of the Road’ for this new technology. 

We expect the superior SeaWing® design to also pass these certifications.

Captures the Imagination

We've proven the ability to attract great public attention

Robb Report Ultimate Christmas Gift Catalog
Motorboat & Sailing
Popular Mechanics
Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog

TV Shows:

Beyond 2000
Jules Unlimited
NBC's First Look
Discovery Channel’s Next Step
Real TV
CNBC TV on Great Stuff

SeaWing® will capture attention even more!


We know of no company in commercial production of ground-effect craft

The Company is aware of a former partner in Germany, where Flarecraft®  Corporation built Airfish I, II, & III under contract with Messerschmidt, Bolkow, Blum (MBB).

  • On his own he designed and built prototypes and test craft (Airfish 8 & Wingship).
  • The first Airfish 8 attempt in Australia failed; the company filed Chapter 11.
  • Airfish 8 resurrected in 2018 by a businessman in Singapore and is currently being promoted as a viable ground-effect craft.
  • His Wingship design was contracted to a company in S. Korea; but to Management’s knowledge is not in production.

The Company is also aware that a division of Mitsubishi attempted to build and market a ground-effect craft, which failed.

In the past, research and development was done (all of which failed) by:

  • Newport News Shipbuilding
  • The former Soviet military
  • Three government agencies in China
  • A military agency in Thailand
  • Two groups in Australia
  • A group in California
  • Two groups in Germany
  • Amphistar USA, Ltd., in Norfolk, VA (which was terminated)

The Company is unable to assess whether these pose a competitive threat.

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