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Meet popSLATE: the digital smartphone case that's overturning assumptions about what a phone case is — and what it can do.

You can say goodbye to your run-of-the-mill plastic and rubber smartphone cases that protect your phone from basic damage and not much else. And you can definitely say goodbye to the days of not being able to access important info because your smartphone keeps going to sleep, or has a special talent for picking the worst possible times to run out of battery.

At popSLATE, we think a smartphone deserves a smart cover. So we set out to create exactly that.

The result: a next-generation smartphone accessory for next-generation smartphone users — always on, always connected and 100% customizable by YOU.

With the popSLATE digital smartphone cover, we’re on a mission to completely reimagine what a smartphone case should be.

popSLATE integrates a super-thin, low-power, always-on second screen right into the back of a smartphone case, saving you precious battery power, giving you anytime, anywhere access your favorite apps, and putting instant customization at your fingertips.

Say “so long” to anonymous, one-size-fits-all phone cases: popSLATE is a blank canvas for you to show off who you are, what you love and what inspires you. Pull images from all over the web through the popSLATE app and show them off 24/7 — one by one, or in a slide show.

popSLATE is made out of the latest ultra-durable E Ink materials, so it can protect your smartphone as well as—and better than—any “dumb” plastic or rubber case. In fact, it’s nearly indestructible!

popSLATE’s e-paper screen uses next to no power, so you can display an image forever — or change it as often as you like! Plus, with instant access, you can leave your power-hungry iPhone screen shut off, extending your phone's battery life by a mile. 

Since the popSLATE screen is ultra-low-power, it is always on, which paves the way for all kinds of exciting possibilities: urgent notifications, sports scores, recipes, maps, notes, calendar, talking points—you name it. If it shows up on your smartphone screen, it can pop up on your popSLATE — and stay there.

The popSLATE digital phone cover is just one half of the popSLATE experience. The other half is the popSLATE app, which acts as the central hub for all of your image finding, sharing and displaying needs.

Take pictures, browse our image gallery, manage your library, connect with other users, send/receive images and messages, and pop what you want, when you want it — all through one streamlined smartphone app.

Find and pull powerful designs and pics from a variety of content channels, including the universe of Instagram.

Capture the moment with your camera, or grab anything you’ve dropped into your photo library and send it to your popSLATE instantly. Plus, share your favorite images with your friends, and the global popSLATE community.

With instant, effortless access to the information you need, plus a battery that can go on for miles, popSLATE makes it easy for you to stop fighting with your phone and get down to business. 


The web is already buzzing about popSLATE and how we’re pioneering the next stage of evolution in smartphone protection and access. Check out the links below to see what some of the leading tech sites have to say about popSLATE:

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popSLATE has seen some incredible success so far, and with big developments coming over the next few months, 2015 is already shaping up to be a huge year at popSLATE!

popSLATE is on track to launch in premium retail locations, including Best Buy and the Apple store, in early 2015. Our team is also in active talks with major handset makers and mobile accessory giants about possible partnership opportunities.

The popSLATE team is honored and proud to have the support of several premier Silicon Valley institutional investors behind us, including Plug & Play Ventures and Tandem Capital — the ultimate vote of confidence for a young tech startup.

Back in January 2013, popSLATE wrapped up a successful Indiegogo campaign, blowing past our original goal of $150,000 to ultimately raise close to $220,000 from 1,532 backers. Since the conclusion of our Indiegogo campaign, the pre-orders have continued to roll in through our website.

Up next for popSLATE: gearing up for our big retail debut in early 2015, then finalizing development of the popSLATE case for iPhone 6+ and popSLATE case and app for Android. For more information about the future of popSLATE and how you can be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile.

popSLATE founders Yashar Behzdi and Greg Moon have been friends and co-workers for close to a decade. In the days before they founded popSLATE, they would occasionally get together for drinks. On one occasion, after Yashar had just had his first child, he wanted to show off a picture of his new baby, but it was the end of a busy work day spent bouncing between social and productivity apps, and his phone was out of juice.

Greg said he knew the frustrations of insufficient battery power only too well: recently, while traveling for work, his phone had run out of power while he was waiting in the security line. He couldn’t access his electronic boarding pass and had to go to the ticket counter, forcing him to miss his flight.

In sharing their frustrations about the limitations of smartphone battery power and screen access, Yashar and Greg got to wondering why there wasn’t an “always-on solution”: some way for people to just access key information and content on our phone all the time. It wasn’t long before they realized that the back of the smartphone was the ideal location for a low-power second screen, and the idea for popSLATE was born.

Yashar has 13 years of experience leading product development in early-stage companies in Silicon Valley. He has a PhD in engineering and 16 issued patents to his name. Yashar also currently serves as a technology board member at Accenture.


Greg is a Stanford grad with an MBA from UC-Berkeley. He has 8 years of experience launching new products in the wearable technology space.

The popSLATE team is honored to have guidance and support from a team of advisors with deep experience and success in the tech and marketing spaces:

Founder of Guitar Hero, which he built into a $2 billion global franchise before it was acquired by Activision in 2006.

15 years of experience leading global sales at leading mobile accessory companies, including Pebble, Sol Republic, Uncommon and Speck.

Pioneer in social marketing, responsible for the launch of several notable consumer electronic brands, including Beats Audio and Sol Republic.

Former Chief Marketing Officer of E Ink, media go-to expert source on electronic displays.

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