Fundable Graduate: Racheal Kash

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\ August 21, 2012

LuLu Blossom, founded and run by entrepreneur Racheal Kash, was a recent hit with the Fundable community. Racheal’s all-natural, homemade skincare products reached over 106% of its original goal; now that a bit of time ... Read More

Featured Startup: Zebracard

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\ August 20, 2012

How many times have you handed someone a business card only to never hear from that person again? If you’re like most other businessmen and –women, this has happened countless times. What happens to a business car... Read More

3-D Vision Funded in Just Days!

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\ August 20, 2012

3-D is making a comeback! Gene Dolgoff, inventor of the LCD digital projector, has created a brand new device to shake up the tech scene yet again. His latest invention, 3-D Vision’s Instant 3-D Converter, hooks up to a... Read More

Featured Startup: Fannotate

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\ August 15, 2012

Part of the experience of watching a movie is discussing the highs, lows, plot holes, and other interesting aspects of what is being watched. Typically, this kind of movie analyzing takes places in the comfort of your own hom... Read More

Featured Startup: Nuclear Optics Eyewear

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\ August 7, 2012

“Why don’t you just make your own sunglasses?” Thom LaRussa’s thirteen year old son asked abruptly. Unable to think of a reply, Thom set out to design and manufacture his ideal sunglasses. After three ... Read More

Featured Startup: puttDB

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\ July 31, 2012

Do you putt better before or after lunch? Did those golf lessons really improve your game? All of these and life’s other most important putting questions can now be answered thanks to puttDB!This mini portable device cr... Read More

Why Launch Dates Matter

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\ July 27, 2012

Originally published on Inside-Startups.comAs a startup, we live by launch dates.  Some launch dates are based on particular events or restrictions, others are totally arbitrary dates pulled out of thin air. No matt... Read More

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