$1.1 Mil of Pre-Orders for Virtuix Omni-Directional Gaming Treadmill

U Posted by Steve Gacka
\ January 17, 2014

Virtuix Omni is the first and only omni-directional treadmill that is affordable ($499), compact, and enables users to move freely and naturally in virtual reality. When used in tandem with head mounted displays (like the smash hit Oculus Rift), users can walk, run, jump and crouch in 360°; truly becoming a part of the game that they are playing.The immersive gaming gadget brought in an incredible $1,109,351 in pre-orders in 30 days, proving beyond a doubt that demand for the Omni extends far beyond the hardcore gaming audience.With over 3,000 Omnis sold to date, the team is currently in discussions with Sony, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Siemens, NASA, BAE, Shell, Bouygues, Dave and Buster’s, Merck, and many more companies interested in their technology.Hailed as “Jawdropping” and the “Future of Gaming” by Engadget, Digital Trends, and Business Insider, the Virtuix team is looking for funds to ramp up production and launch to retailers nationwide.

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