U Posted by Laura Moller
\ January 17, 2014

iBox Nano is the world’s smallest, most affordable, most user-friendly 3D resin printer. They’ve created the first 3D printer that truly fits the bill and checks all of the boxes for a truly accessible home device.

With the iBox Nano, iBox has a razor-sharp focus on the home consumer market, and designing a printer that anyone and everyone can use right in their home. It is both affordable (just $299) and easy to use—from unboxing the printer to a finished print, your first creation with iBox Nano is a 10-minute process. The iBox Team has generated over $500K in revenue and sold more than 2,000 units.

The iBox team is working to be the undisputed leader in 3D printing technology for the home user. They are in the process of purchasing new raw materials to expand their product line.

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