Bohemian Guitars Brings on Shark Tank Advisor, $183K in Funding

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\ January 17, 2014

Bohemian Guitars is reengineering musical instruments — creating a more affordable, stylish, and sustainable way to make music. Founders Adam and Shaun Lee spent their childhood in Johannesburg, South Africa, and their upcycled designs are inspired by the resourceful residents of the townships in South Africa who re-purposed used materials into playable instruments.

Their innovative product designs and customizable options are an industry first. They’ve received rave reviews from outlets like TechCrunch, Forbes, and Uncrate as well as high profile customers like Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and American Idol’s David Cook. They’ve also recently brought on Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington as an advisor and signed a distribution agreement with Urban Outfitters.

Bohemian Guitars brought in $54,233 of pre-orders in 38 days and recently raised $129,000 via regional investors. The team has established and proven a successful manufacturing, distribution and sales processes. They are now seeking the capital to further establish their US base, finalize a mobile companion app, and expand to meet international demand.


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