Breakthrough Anti-Mosquito Tech Campaign Raises $557K, Highlighted by Bill Gates

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\ January 17, 2014


ieCrowd transforms breakthrough innovations into market-driven solutions to global challenges. Led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs experienced in taking companies public, ieCrowd’s model is designed to commercialize multiple early-stage innovations into market-ready solutions across diversified sectors, stages, and markets—all while having social and economic impact globally.

ieCrowd’s first product launch — the Kite Patch — is a small, wearable adhesive sticker that blocks mosquitoes’ ability to track humans. Celebrated globally as a technology capable of being the biggest breakthrough against mosquito-borne diseases, the Kite Patch campaign went viral.

Within 45 days, the Kite Patch crowdfunding campaign generated $557,254 — 740% of its goal — and over 270,000 patches were reserved. The Kite Patch story was covered by over 400 media outlets—including Bill Gates, who highlighted the news of the campaign to his 12 million Twitter followers.

Kite Patch is just one disruptive product being developed by an ieCrowd company. Founded in 2010, there are now three ieCrowd companies developing disruptive market solutions, with efforts being focused on scaling ieCrowd’s model.
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