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\ January 17, 2014

Are you a flavor follower… or a taste tycoon? Over 160 backers have opted for the taste tycoon route, rocketing uFlavor to over 113% of their $10,000 goal by the close of their campaign.

uFlavor aims to revolutionize the beverage scene; no longer will consumers passively accept the flavors presented to them. Instead, consumers will have the uflavor option of experimenting with every flavor imaginable to create their very own custom drink from anywhere with an Internet connection. The team at uFlavor is so passionate about consumer involvement in the creation of their products, they’ve created a “uFlavor Bill of Rights”:

The uFlavor Bill of Rights

  • - Focus groups shouldn't dictate your choices
  • - Imagination doesn't end at the grocery aisle
  • - Profit from your creative endeavors 
  • - Make adjustments to the products you buy
  • - Know the ingredients contained in things you consume
  • - Allow 'do-overs' when creating something delicious
  • - Collaboration and feedback is the way to make the world a tastier place
  • - Flavors should be easily shared
  • - Explore flavor with reckless abandonment, in the words of Julia Child, "Don't Be Afraid"
  • - Be a member of a community, not merely a customer of a product

Initially, the flavors will beuflavormachine shipped to the creators’ doorsteps in a concentrated form similar to Mio ready for baking, cooking, and adding to any beverage conceivable.  However, with the aid of uFlavor’s Fundable raise, the company will soon begin to place vending machines around the country. These vending machines will be able to upload and dispense any flavor combination from any user on the uFlavor website; a taste tycoon in New York could easily create a pear-mango-raisin flavor that becomes a hit with consumers in California.

Nathan Altman (uFlavor's CEO) offers the following advice for other startups: "Companies that can really convey the experience of their products and have a product they can send to people are a good fit." Though uFlavor’s campaign has come to a successful close, you can still be a part of the flavor revolution by visiting their website.

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