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\ January 17, 2014

This week we highlight an innovative subscription flower company that’s created a fresh business model in a stagnant industry — growing 20% annually and expanding internationally this year. We also share our most comprehensive crowdfunding guide, chock-full of great tips for businesses at any stage of their fundraising.

Frederique’s Choice Expanding Internationally

Frederique’s Choice is a new subscription-based flower delivery service and lifestyle brand dedicated to changing the way people buy and enjoy flowers.

Unlike other companies in the space, Frederique’s Choice sources product direct from growers and delivers fresh, quality bouquets overnight to its consumers. Frederique’s Choice flowers and other products are all selected, curated and approved by founder and media personality Frederique van der Wal. Their convenient subscription model has won consumers over, proven by their 20% growth year over year.

Frederique’s Choice is already up and running in Europe, with established customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria and Sweden, with total sales of more than 3,000 bouquets per month. They’ve also signed European partnerships with prestigious brands like Jaguar, KLM and PricewarterhouseCoopers.

With their European success established, Frederique’s Choice is working to expand into the United States and further develop distribution and fulfillment.

Introducing Our Most Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide

The world of crowdfunding is fast-moving and ever-evolving. As an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming to consider planning and managing a fundraising round on top of the other responsibilities and worries that come with growing a business. We wrote this guide as an easy introduction into crowdfunding—a way to orient entrepreneurs with the sometimes daunting exercise of launching an online campaign and talking to investors.

Whether you’re still deciding if crowdfunding is the right route for your business, or you’ve already launched a campaign, our Crowdfunding Guide is filled with great tips.

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