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\ January 17, 2014

Touch screens: great for technological and aesthetic advances, not so much for texting effortlessly. Without the ability to feel buttons in relation to the rest of a keyboard, millions of texters around the world are rendered helpless when attempting to text while otherwise preoccupied… until Fleksy was developed.

Fleksy, a downloadable smartphone tool, uses a powerful word-probability simulator and a massive vocabulary to produce the desired words from even the most misspelled attempts. In fact, Fleksy is accurate enough that it’s become a go-to tool for blind and visually-impaired users!

Fleksy’s usefulness and effectiveness has garnered the attention of many prominent media sources, ranging from being included in a list of the top ten iPhone and iPad apps by The Guardian to features in Phandroid and TUAW.

In the Apple App Store, Fleksy has received several recent rave reviews, including:

“I didn’t think I could get any faster typing with this app. Fleksy proved me wrong. Great job guys. You are awesome.”

“It’s amazing! Wish Apple will implement it to the next iOS!”

“Typing on a touch screen can be difficult at times, but this app changes all of that by allowing one to guess where the letters are, instead of knowing where they are. I have to say I’m enjoying it more and more.”

Want to see Fleksy in action? Check out their video here. Happy typing!



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