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\ January 17, 2014

Imagine a virtual community game in which players collaborate to find cures for diseases, solve longstanding mathematical problems, or solve widespread social issues such as world hunger. Online gaming generally yields no real world results; recognizing potential of the commitment and work that players often put into normal online gaming (as well as the success of value-creating games such as Foldit and Eyewire), Teemplay’s Becket Linn has developed Nu.

Teemplay-Nu aims to build a virtual world in which players will be able to not only create designs such as architectural plans and engines, but will also be able to band together in guilds to combine creative thoughts and efforts. Players will then be able to freely trade or sell their creations, leading to a thriving internal marketplace.

The Teemplay crew aims to increase the speed of problem solving and design cycles through the union of both likeminded individuals and those who demand other players’ skills. Nu is the first of many upcoming games in which players will use design, collaboration, and bartering to create real world value from virtual efforts.

Intrigued? Learn more (and get some great sneak peeks inside the game!) here.

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