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\ January 17, 2014

INVIXIUM is a biometric technology company harnessing next-generation fingerprint recognition technology to revolutionize how people access and control their homes and businesses.

Their fingerprint recognition system can be paired with any smart home installation to control appliances, lighting, windows, and even TVs. INVIXIUM also has a wide range of commercial uses, giving businesses the potential to create access profiles for individual employees.

INVIXIUM has already seen some amazing progress since launch. Their proprietary biometric algorithm, hardware, software, and web applications are all complete, and they have 3 systems on the market — Touch, Sense and Mycro. They’ve shipped over 2,000 units of INVIXIUM already, with an additional 1,000 units reserved and another 5,000 potential orders in the pipeline. Several government ministries in Saudi Arabia and a petroleum company in Africa are already trusting INVIXIUM with their access and security control needs.

The team recently secured key partnerships with 2 leading technology and automation companies to continue to expand INVIXIUM on a global scale.

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