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\ January 17, 2014

Korner Creates World’s First Affordable Home Security System

Korner is the first home security system that anyone can use and afford. The sleek, simple, minimal hardware includes a unobtrusive tag on doors as well as a small fob for windows. Both devices are controlled via smartphone and send real-time alerts should your home be compromised by intruders.

Korner believes home security shouldn’t be a luxury item. By creating protection that is accessible to all, Korner has tapped into an entirely new customer base for the home security industry including renters, budget-conscious homeowners, and students. This passionate customer base helped the Korner team raise $420,000 in pre-orders from 3,100 backers in just 45 days.

Featured on the Discovery Channel, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and CNET, the prototype Korner system is fully built, and has been tested by experts in the home security industry. The Korner team recently received requests from many major residential and commercial security providers to license their technology.

Korner is excited to move their product into wide-scale production, and is looking for strategic investors to aid in their continued growth.

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