FIT Radio Raises Funding Goal in 4 Days

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\ January 17, 2014

In just a few days the FIT Radio team has blown past their initial fundraise goal to become 144% funded.

The idea behind FIT Radio is simple. Fitness fanatics can energize their workouts with fresh mixes of music from all genres, hand-curated by the world’s top DJs, and brought straight to their mobile devices. The streaming music service is commercial free- just press play and go.

Founders Russell Green and Daniel Lipton believe that when you’re working out, having the right music—the kind that gives you a boost of energy when you need it most—is key. The perfect song can make you faster, stronger, and more motivated.

FIT Radio delivers exactly that—all the perfect songs for your workout with the push of a button. With FIT Radio, you just pick your favorite genre and go, letting nonstop, high-energy music fuel your workout. No need to worry about creating a playlist or getting distracted by a song that doesn’t pump you up.

It’s clear that FIT Radio’s users are excited about the direction of the app. In only 4 days on Fundable, the FIT Radio team brought in 245 backers and reached 144% of their initial goal. Backers have especially loved the $60 pledge reward—a limited time offer for a lifetime, ad-free subscription to FIT Radio Premium.

The continued success of this campaign will keep FIT Radio ad-free and and help the team develop new features and expand to additional platforms.

Congratulations, FIT Radio!

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