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\ January 17, 2014

uFlavor doesn’t improve on previous models; instead, they opt to create entirely new concepts and ways of doing things. Tired of their beverage flavors being limited by focus groups and product development teams, this team of five decided to shake things up.

Their original model allowed users to create flavor combinations using countless options – from bacon to passionfruit, uFlavor has it covered. Users could then have these flavor combinations shipped to them as a concentrate or they could upload any flavor combination to form a beverage at one of a handful of scattered vending machines. After running an extremely popular Fundable campaign, the group decided to pivot – what’s next is unknown, but sure to shock and delight flavor enthusiasts everywhere!

Below are some pieces of crowdfunding advice from the uFlavor team:

1. You were able to get 162 backers – what strategies did you use to get those backers to make pre-orders and support your project?
Social Media was helpful, but the conversion was low. We had the most success with direct emails to people we knew.

2. What were some key strategies you used to market yourself and your campaign?
A well crafted email campaign.

3. What tips would you give for creating a strong profile?
Show the product in action and keep it simple. Don’t clutter the pledge tiers with more than 10 and make sure you have one tier that is a killer value and highlighted.

4. Any tips/tools for success you’d like to share with other entrepreneurs?
Crowdfunding isn’t a walk in the park, if you want to be successful make sure you commit 100%. I would not keep the raise open more than 30 days, instead prepare like mad and push as hard as you can during the fundraise window.

For further information on uFlavor, please visit their website.

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