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\ January 17, 2014

Media outreach is one factor that will make or break any crowdfunding campaign. Think of it this way: even a fantastic product can’t go far if no one has heard of it.

Plan your outreach

Planning well will increase your outreach effectiveness in a big way. Before alerting the press about your awesome startup, first take a few hours to research which publications, journalists, and bloggers you want to contact.

Look for outlets that are relevant to your startup; tailor your messaging to appeal to contacts’ audiences based on popular previous articles and posts.

Gather your materials

Compose email pitches and press releases before tapping media contacts. Your email pitch should be brief (journalists are busy!) and demonstrate the planning and research you’ve done. Use bullet points when you can, reference previous articles the journalist has written, and include your press release as an attachment to the email.

Page views rule

Page views are king online – it’s how many journalists and bloggers create revenue. While sifting through hundreds of pitches, media contacts look for stories that will appeal to the largest audience and generate the most page views.

Tie your story to an industry-wide issue, a hot topic, or something that many people can relate to, and you will stand a much better chance of being chosen for coverage.

Social sharing extends the lifespan

Once your story goes live, it has a short time span in which to reach as many people as possible. One way to achieve a huge reach as well as increase the circulation lifespan of the article is to encourage your network to share the coverage on social networks.

Increasing the circulation reach and lifespan of the article will increase page views, which will show your media contact that your stories are valuable – making you a fantastic candidate for future coverage!

Fundable Examples

Using these guidelines, many Fundable startups have succeeded in being featured by outlets such as Fast Company, U.S. News & World Report, Funding Times, Biz Journals, The Examiner, MyCity4Her, SlashGear, PandoDaily, Digital Trends, Tech Cocktail, SoCalTech, NY1, Duct Tape Marketing, The Huffington Post, and many, many more.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your pitch on!

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