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\ January 17, 2014

Presenting visuals in your campaign develops backers' confidence in your startup – after all, humans are often prone to a “see it, believe it” mentality. There are three main points to remember when it comes to profile visuals: use high quality visuals, be professional, and demonstrate functionality.


Have you ever seen a picture of fast food in real life compared to the high quality marketing pictures of that same fast food? Huge difference, right?

If your assets aren’t presented well, backers will experience the same horror and disappointment as people who expect their burgers to look flawless. That’s not the emotion you want to evoke in potential backers.

If pictures really did speak a thousand words, you’d want “professional” to be one of your positive thousand words. Your pictures should be in good lighting, at a professional angle, and taken with a decent camera. If you include logos in any of your collateral, please make sure they fit the tone and professional level of your startup.

Clip art is not your friend

It can be tempting to use clip art or word art. Your funding profile is not a good fit for either of these.

Your profile is your first (and often only impression) you will make on potential backers. Use good judgment when selecting logos and photo representations of assets. Ask yourself:

  • Would a stranger find this professional?
  • Will this picture give a potential backer more confidence in my startup?
  • Is this picture media-worthy?

If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, congrats – your collateral is professional.

Don't just tell – show your idea

Do you have descriptive photos or a video of your idea in action (be it a product, service, or website)? Even a blueprint will work if your prototype has not yet been built. This kind of visual representation often helps potential backers understand exactly what your idea entails.

Fanny on October 19, 2014

Excellent post! Another question might be, Are you ready for hard work? Because it takes daily efrfot to be successful at crowdfunding. If anyone thinks it's easy, do not pass Go and do not collect $200! (Smile).Deb Augur recently posted..

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