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\ January 17, 2014

GLO Science is an oral care technology innovator working to change the way consumers and dental professionals think about the health and beauty of their smiles. Today’s G.L.O. whitening technology is faster, easier, pain free and much more effective than other competitive whitening solutions. Future product innovation will provide superior solutions to all main oral care treatment areas – starting with therapeutic gum health in 2016.

Their product is already offered in more than 500 practices across the United States. GLO has sold more than 175,000 units of their whitening device and earned $3.1 million in revenue in 2015 alone. GLO Science’s technology is protected by 10 patents, with an additional 16 patents pending, all in addition to winning three Thomas Edison Awards for innovation in the personal care space.

To date, GLO Science has raised over $5M. They are already partnering with Sephora, QVC, and Benco Dental, positioning them for accelerated growth. GLO’s growth strategy focuses on the launch of revolutionary new products and expanding its sales distribution across professional, retail and digital channels. Its next major new product launch is scheduled for 2016.

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