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\ January 17, 2014

Glucovation’s SugarSenz™ is the first body-worn sensor for glucose, giving users unprecedented insight into their personal metabolic activity.The sensor is painlessly inserted under skin via a simple “place and go” applicator, where it detects glucose levels electrochemically and sends a user-friendly report via smartphone. For the first time ever, anyone can have real-time insight into how their diet and fitness choices impact their metabolism.

The team at Glucovation has completed testing of alpha prototypes and filed IP on their core technology. After their appearance at CES, they were featured on DC Rainmaker and garnered interest from tech giants like Garmin, Microsoft, and Samsung.

Glucovation is moving into beta testing in late Q2/early Q3 of this year and is looking for investors to continue to develop their technology and proprietary software.

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