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\ January 17, 2014

Regenedyne is an energy technology company dedicated to providing more efficient and effective ways to create renewable, sustainable power.

Their vertical-axis, magnetically levitated wind turbine technology generates 10x as much power per square inch as current technology, making it the most efficient, cost-effective renewable energy solution on the market today.

The Regenedyne team holds 3 patents, with another 9 filed and pending. Their first prototype is complete and was tested over a period of 18 months — with results that far exceeded expectations.

The team has already received more than 200 inquiries from buyers interested in purchasing Regenedyne generators once they hit the market. They also currently hold five-year contracts with Everson Tesla Inc. and General Atomics to supply the components for the Regenedyne turbines, and recently signed a joint venture to distribute their products in the Asian market.

With $515,000 raised to date, Regenedyne is looking for additional investors to move into large scale production.

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